Top 8 Best Amber Light Bars 2020 Reviews

Those working with heavy-duty vehicles or emergency service vehicles will understand how important an amber light bar is for your safety. These vehicles are either slow-moving that make frequent stops or in an emergency, thus with the lights, it will be easier to clear the way. That said, no matter what vehicle you drive, the amber light bar can serve as a warning or indicator lights when you need them. You can choose from a few options available such as magnetic amber LED light bars when it comes to amber light bars.

However, it cannot be easy to select the best amber light bars from the endless amount of options available on the market. Keeping that in mind, we have scoured through the market for the top 8 best amber light bars to help you. Before going to the top 8 products list, let’s look at the factors that you need to consider before making your purchase.

Buying Guides of Amber Light Bar

Efficiency: Remember that the whole purpose of buying an LED light is the efficiency or the longer lifespan than most lights on the market. Do not be lured into the scams most manufacturers or brands are trying to mislead you. Choose the ones that are truly assuring in terms of light efficiency. We are sure that you do not want to waste your money. This is also linked to other features: durability.

Size and Installation: It is not always effective to get the biggest light bar out there. You should consider the size of the amber LED light bar before you buy one. Think of the overall weight that you are putting on your vehicle and the overall aesthetics. Another thing is that it is easy to install and compatible with your vehicles. Try to keep the size of your amber light bars as small as possible while keeping the efficiency and quality. The best ones should be small or compact in size, easy to install, and best in quality.

Durability: As we said, you do not want to get a product that will only last you a month or so. Thus, keep in mind that quality is the key to buying the product. It must be made of great quality materials and constructions. One of the best ways is to check the customer reviews to be more realistic in terms of how the product performs. Think of your purchase as an investment.

8. ASPL 21″ Emergency Mini LED Lightbar


For this, the 21” emergency mini LED light bar by the brand ASPL. This is made with a Gen 4 3-watt LED technology for higher power and brighter visibility. You will be seen in any direction, even on a bright day. On top of that, it is made with a high-quality double-layered aluminum frame and a PC clear lens for high transmittance. It features 15 available flashing patterns as well as a memory function. It comes with 6 magnetic pods with a total of 30 magnets. You can also remove the magnet and install it permanently on your vehicle. The heavy-duty cable comes at around 16ft, which is very convenient for the cigarette lighter plug.


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • High-performance and reliable
  • Flexible and easy to use

7. Emergency Mini LED Lightbar, YITAMOTOR

Emergency Mini LED Lightbar, YITAMOTOR

This YITAMOTOR emergency mini LED light bar is the seventh-best amber light bars on our list for good reasons! This warning strobe light bar is also made with the Gen 4 LED technology for better illumination, visibility, and the powerful ray of lights all around. It comes with 15 flash patterns with an ON/OFF switch cigarette lighter plug. Another button controls the strobe pattern as well as memorizes your last used pattern. The aluminum frame and PC clear lens are very durable and high-quality. It also features 4 heavy-duty magnetic mounds and protective rubber feet. It is fully encapsulated, making it waterproof and weather-proof.


  • 3 years warranty
  • Waterproof and weather-proof
  • Durable, reliable, and easy to use

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6. NanoFlare NFMB40 12″ 40W AMBER LED Strobe Mini Light Bar

NanoFlare NFMB40 12

This item comes in a variety of sizes and color combinations for any use. This SAE class 1 light bar features 40 high-intensity LEDs for the ultimate all-weather visibility. It offers 63 unique flash patterns as well as a steady burn function and memory storage. It is made professional with a polycarbonate cover and a heavy-duty cigarette lighter adapter, and a 12ft power cord. This is to provide you with maximum durability as well as waterproof ability. You can choose between a single and double bracket with magnets for easy mounting or permanently. Another plus is that you can also sync up multiple lighting units for more convenience.


  • Brighter light with better visibility
  • Flexible and versatile use
  • Durable, long-lasting, and high-quality construction

5. LAMPHUS SolarBlast 36″ Amber LED Traffic Advisor Light Bar

LAMPHUS SolarBlast 36

This is the LAMPHUS amber LED traffic advisor amber emergency strobe lights. This is built with the customer’s safety as the top priority. It features 36 LED wide-angle optical lens for superior visibility, safety, and brightness. It also offers 19 flashes patterns to work flexibly well for all your needs. You can use it easily with a simple click on the buttons: ON/OFF, momentary, and three directional pattern switches. This amber light is also straightforward to install with all the necessities included in the package. The ultimate balance of a smart and strong design!


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Safe, smart, and strong design

4. Xprite Amber COB LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar

Xprite Amber COB LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar

This is specifically designed to be super bright with 4 COB and 8 LEDs front, back and side! It is to ensure a uniform light display and a wider viewing angle for better visibility and safety. It has 21 strobe flashing patterns as well as a last pattern memory recall. On top of that, it is made from high-quality anti-corrosion materials to withstand the harshest weather! You can easily install this item with magnetic mounts and protective rubber feet. Click ON/OFF and another click to change between the 21 patterns.


  • Convenient, flexible, and easy to use
  • Cable, plug, and magnets included
  • High-quality and high-performance

3. ASPL 16.8 Inch LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar

ASPL 16.8 Inch LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar

This is the strobe flashing light bar by ASPL. With this product, you will not have to worry about safety. It features 30 high-intensity LEDs with a 360-degree viewing angle and a lifespan of 50 000 hours! The super bright light output also comes in 26 flashing modes plus a memory function. It is easy to install with the included 4 rubber suction cups and 28 magnets. You can also install it permanently by removing the magnets and wire it with the provided cable. What makes it even more special is that the light is also lightweight, water-proof, weather-resistant, and corrosion-resistant at the same time!


  • High compatibility and durability
  • Safety guaranteed
  • Easy and convenient to use

2. Xprite 27″ Amber Emergency Strobe Light Bar

Xprite 27

This model comes in a variety of sizes and color combinations. It is made with the 6th Generation TIR LED tech with 4 LEDs per light head. The 56 total provides great 360-degree coverage that can be seen up to ½ mile away! The light head is fully encapsulated and sealed off to bring out the maximum waterproof and weather-proof capacity. It provides 15 strobe patterns that you can choose from. The materials are of great quality. Installation? Super easy and convenient. You can either use it temporarily or install it permanently with no hassle.


  • High-quality and durability
  • Easy installation
  • High-visibility and flexible uses

1. Xprite Amber Yellow 36 LED Rooftop Emergency Strobe Lights

Xprite Amber Yellow 36 LED Rooftop Emergency Strobe Lights

Xprite! Yet again, another great product. This model comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit different users. It is made from durable ABS materials as well as a PC lens for maximum brightness. It comes with 36 high-intensity LED chips for better visibility and brighter colors. You can click the ON/OFF button to use and the 2nd switch to choose between 16 light patterns. Just like any other Xprite products, it comes with magnets and plugs for easy installation! Effective and easy to use!


  • Flexible, versatile, and easy to install
  • High-performance
  • Great durability and quality


We hope you will be less burdened and overwhelmed by the choice you have to make in buying the best amber light bars. We are confident that any of the products on our list of the top 8 best amber light bars on the market will bring satisfactory performance. Consider carefully before buying and refer to the buying guide if necessary. Happy Shopping!