Top 10 Baby Carrier Backpacks 2020 Reviews

Baby carriers are the perfect gifts for all parents needing some assistance with getting a bit of freedom. They allow parents to get tasks done and go for adventures outdoors while still being able to comfort the new little one. With that said, trying to find the perfect baby carrier backpack for you and baby can be a struggle. While some carriers can fit perfectly, sometimes running into baby carrier backpacks that don’t fit at all can occur. I would know when I had my preemie baby and wanted to go for long walks with her in a backpack finding one that fit us both was impossible. I didn’t have a guide to help tell me which ones were the best fit for us. Thankfully, this guide will hopefully help you find one that fits you and baby comfortably and safely so freedom and adventure can be had for both you and baby.

10. Mamapod All Position 360 Baby Carrier

Mamapod All Position 360 Baby Carrier

The Mamapod All Positions 360 Baby Carrier was the one I used for lugging my baby around while going for adventures outdoors and just getting things done around the house. I absolutely loved this one because I could wear it in the front, on the side of my hip or on my back. The straps were adjustable and it fit my 4-pound baby in it securely, but it can hold up to 44 pounds. One of the features I loved most about this baby carrier was you could face the baby towards you for snuggling or out in front of you for exploring.


  • You can wear the carrier on your hips, back or chest
  • Backpack can hold up to 44 pounds of weight
  • Comes with a foldable baby seat
  • It is made from a cooling mesh fabric so you don’t sweat
  • Comes with an outer layer to place over you and baby for warmth on cooler days

9. ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

ErgoBaby 360 Carrier

I call this the Daddy carrier because it has thicker straps and adjustable waist straps, but of course, anyone can use it to carry a baby. This particular carrier comes in a grey color and you can wear it any almost any comfortable position you can think of such as on the chest, hips or back. What I love most about this baby carrier is that it comes with a money-back guarantee if one of the features is defective and it probably doesn’t fit you probably.


  • You can wear this on the hips, chest or back
  • All straps are adjustable and it fits all parents
  • Baby can face inward or outward
  • Made from durable polyester materials
  • Carrier grows with baby and can hold up to 45 pounds

8. Osprey AG Plus Child Carrier

Osprey AG Plus Child Carrier

Outdoor loving parents will love the Osprey AG Plus Child Carrier. This is meant more for little ones that cannot hold their head up and is designed as a back carrier only. It has a built-in backpack for holding all kinds of baby essentials and it’s made from a lightweight metal frame and nylon material.


  • Made with lightweight materials
  • Built-in sunshade and adjustable seat
  • Provides a comfortable and adjustable hip belt and shoulder straps
  • Osprey will repair this carrier for free if it gets damaged
  • Comes in 3 different colors

7. Luvdbaby Hiking Backpack for Kids

Luvdbaby Hiking Backpack for Kids

Parents that experience back discomforts, but still want to go hiking with a child backpack that provides the right support and comforts, the Luvdbaby Hiking Backpack is perfect. The straps that support this backpack are heavily padded and adjustable so your shoulders, hips, and back won’t ache after carrying the baby around. Best of all it comes with pockets for holding baby essentials, a changing pad and a kick out stand so you can set the backpack down and still have your little one sitting in it securely.


  • Backpack comes with a kick outstand
  • Made from waterproof materials
  • Has insulated pockets for baby foods and bottles of milk
  • Comes with a sun visor for shielding little ones from the sun during hikes
  • Has adjustable straps and padded back support
  • Comes in the color black

6. Luvdbaby Premium Hiking Backpack for Kids

Luvdbaby Premium Hiking Backpack for Kids

This one is the same as number 7, but it comes in the color yellow. It still has adjustable padded straps and back for comfort and support for carrying baby long distances, but the waist built strap for securely this one onto you has pouches for keys, cell phone and other little hiking gadgets you like keeping on hand.


  • Backpack frame made from lightweight aluminum
  • Made with waterproof polyester fabric
  • Comes with height adjustment capabilities for a secure fit
  • Comes with a changing mat for easy diaper changes
  • Insulated pockets to keep snacks and beverages the right temperatures

5. Ergobaby Embrace Carrier for Infants

Ergobaby Embrace Carrier for Infants

Newborns and little ones between 7 and 25 pounds that need a bit of extra snuggling will love the Ergobaby Embrace Carrier as will you. It is made from soft snuggly materials and comes in the color of black. It has comfortably adjustable, yet supportable strapping so your back or shoulders aren’t hurting while holding the baby close as you do stuff. Best of all, this carry is easy to roll up, pack up and take wherever you go to use whenever you need it.


  • Comes in the color black which matches everything
  • Easy to pack up and travel within a diaper bag
  • Easily adjustable clasping straps that are easy to get on and off
  • Snuggles baby close to the chest so they can hear their parents heartbeat
  • Can support babies safely up to 25 pounds in weight

4. Meinkind Convertible Baby Carrier

Meinkind Convertible Baby Carrier

Little ones with wobbly heads and barely any back support yet can fit securely and snuggly in the Meinkind Convertible Baby Carrier. Parents will love using this backpack because it allows your little one to be carried in 4 different positions such as facing inward or outward near the chest, on the hips or on the back. It even comes with a uv ray sun shield to keep baby protected from the sun during walks, and it has comfortable adjustable straps for parents to use for fitting and securely the carrier to their bodies perfectly.


  • Has zippered pouch pockets for storing baby essentials needed for outings
  • Provides proper back and shoulder support to parents
  • Carrier is made to help babies snuggle comfortably and naturally
  • Adjustable shoulder straps are padded for comfort
  • Made from breathable materials to keep parent and baby from sweating

3. Lillebaby Six Position Baby Carrier

Lillebaby Six Position Baby Carrier

If you are a parent that likes a bit of style and color the LilleBaby Six Position Baby Carrier is for you. It comes in a dozen different colors and styles. It’s excellent for parents that want a carrier made from breathable cotton materials, yet provides the proper support for carrying a baby around handsfree.


  • Carry can support baby in six comfortable positions
  • Straps are adjustable and easy to use for securing carry to parent and baby
  • Comes with a front pouch for binkies or spit rags
  • Has a hood for keeping sleeping babies warm

2. Lillebaby 360 Baby and Child Carrier

Lillebaby 360 Baby and Child Carrier

The Lillebaby 360 Baby and Child Carrier comes in several different colors to choose from so parents can match this carrier with their outfits. This adjustable 360 positioning baby carrier allows you to carry your baby in a way that feels comfortable to you and baby.


  • Zippered pouch you can open up to allow airflow for cooling your baby
  • Thick padded shoulder and waist straps for proper support and comfort
  • Adjustable seating area to help provide the baby with the right amount of comfort
  • Can carry a baby in the front or back with this carrier

1. Ergobaby Omni 360 All Position Carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360 All Position Carrier

When you want a carrier that can hold up to 45 pounds while protecting your little one from the sun and wind while walking outdoors the Ergobaby Omni 360 All Position Carrier is the one to use. With this carrier, you can hold a baby on hips, close to the chest or on the back. Breastfeeding Mommies like myself love this carrier because you can breastfeed the baby privately while they are in the carrier while allowing your baby to sit in a natural position for feeding time.


  • Carrier is made from breathable and washable cotton material
  • Provides support and comfort to parents
  • Padded waist and shoulder straps
  • Adjustable seating pouch for babies
  • Carrier comes in different colors