Top 10 Bayou Classic Fryers 2020 Reviews

Are you interested in purchasing a turkey fryer but overwhelmed by the abundance of available products? There are a variety of available Bayou classic fryer on the market, making it difficult to know exactly which one you should purchase. Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect spot for helping you choose the perfect fryer for your needs. This list highlights product features and specialties so you can easily find the best fryer.

10. Bayou Classic 700-709

Bayou Classic 700-709

We kick off the list with the Bayou Classic 700-A pretty basic fryer, but a classic none the less. It features three stainless steel mesh baskets that size at 13 inches by 5.75 inches by 5.5 inches. These baskets are great for straining any loose cooked food so your cooking oil remains clean. They also feature hooks so you may hold them on the edge of the fryer for draining before serving. It provides a thermometer as well as a drain valve for easy clean up. The hose is braided and composed of stainless steel while the control valve is made of brass. It comes with a cart that offer a side shelf for your basic preparation and storage needs.

9. Bayou Classic 1195

Bayou Classic 1195

The Bayou Classic 1195 which is made of stainless steel and contains a 32 quart stockpot as well as a thermometer. The cooker measures at 16 by 16 by 31 inches. It can fry a turkey of up to 18 pounds or you can use the skewers for cooking up to three chickens. There is a poultry rack that has a grab hook as well as steam or boil basket for vegetables or meats. The basket lays a couple inches from the bottom of the fryer so your food is steamed evenly without over watering. The set includes a windshield for outdoor cooking and an outdoor has burner. Additionally you may find the 5-PSI regulator useful.

8. Oversized Turkey Deep Fryer Kit

Oversized Turkey Deep Fryer Kit

The Oversized Turkey Deep Fryer is best for those with larger families or group cooking. The fryer holds up to 42 quarts, making it ideal for cooking large birds at that special time of year. It features a 16 gauge that is made up commercial aluminum. Along with the stockpot you get a vented aluminum lid which is great for steaming. For your safety this kit also includes an insulated glove to keep your hand safe from any steam or grease popping. The inside includes a perforated poultry rack or grab hook for when your poultry is done cooking. You also receive a 12 inch thermometer that will measure between 50 to 750 degrees. For those who like to add extra flavor to their meat, you will enjoy the two ounce seasoning injector that comes with the kit.

7. Bayou Classic Propane Turkey Fryer Kit

Bayou Classic Propane Turkey Fryer Kit

The next model on the top ten list is the Bayou Classic Propane Turkey Fryer Kit. It is capable of cooking a turkey of up to 21 pounds and can hold 3 1/4 gallons of oil. Additionally, the kit provides a SP10 high pressure cooker with a 10 PSI preset regulator. The cooker comes with a windshield making it great for blocking wind when cooking outdoors. The windshield can block up to 59K BTUs. The stockpot has a 12 inch diameter and stands at 16.25 inches tall with an all stainless steel material.

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6. Bayou Classic 700-725

Bayou Classic 700-725

The Bayou Classic 700-725 is made up of all stainless steel making it great for staying clean and features a no scorch design. The kit includes one stainless steel basket measuring 7.5 by 11 by 3.5 inches as well as a temperature gauge. It has a V bottom design similar to larger models but is ideal for smaller families and single use. The built in drain allows for a simple oil change and cleaning.

5. Bayou Classic 700-701

Bayou Classic 700-701

The Bayou Classic 700-701 ranks number five on the list of classic Bayou fryers. It holds four gallons of cooking oil and is noted as one of the most efficient cookers available. This set offers a variety of extra tools including two stainless steel baskets, a temperature gauge for cooking oil, drain valve for easy cleaning, extension legs for portability, and a 10 PSI regulator kit with a braided stainless steel hose.

4. Bayou Classic 2212

Bayou Classic 2212

The fourth best fryer is the Bayou Classic 2212 which includes the cooker, ten quart aluminum deep fry pan, and a basket. For even cooking the set comes with a five inch stainless steel thermometer. For specialty cooking the kit has a tripod cooker and a 12 inch cooking surface for preparing or holding your food. The pot is about 12 inches by 5 inches and has a handled basket. Unfortunately, this model does not include a lid but does provide a UL-listed regulator and a 29 inch hose. You will also need to purchase a 20 pound LP gas cylinder for use of this fryer. Lastly, this cooker has a one year warranty to guarantee durability as well as reliability.

3. Bayou Classic 3025

Bayou Classic 3025

The Bayou Classic The unit is sized at 30 quarts and boasts an aluminum stockpot complete with riveted handles. To better hold your meat, the fryer contains a poultry rack and a lift hook to give you easy access when removing your food. It also makes it great for tailgating, camping, and RV trips. As an added bonus, the Bayou Classic 3025 has a thermometer and one ounce seasoning injector. It is ideal for cooking a variety of concoctions including soup, shrimp, crabs, corn, peanuts, low country boil, and even gumbo. This fryer makes it possible to cook your turkey in as little as 45 minutes.

2. Bayou Classic 4225

Bayou Classic 4225

Another classic fryer on the list is the Bayou Classic This model carries a 42-quart capacity giving it the nickname “Grand gobbler” due to it’s large design. The larger pot makes the fryer great for frying heavy turkeys up to 25 pounds. The stockpot comes with a lid and riveted handles that make it easy to move about. There is even a poultry rack and lift hook to easily remove your poultry from the stockpot. Additionally, this fryer comes with a stainless steel thermometer to ensure your food is cooked to optimum temperature and a seasoning injector to give your food extra flavor. Keeping your safety in mind, this kit also provides a leather glove for your right hand so you may avoid any injury while cooking.

1. Bayou Classic 1118

Bayou Classic 1118

Bayou classic fryers is the Bayou Classic 1118 and for good reason. This classic turkey fryer has a 32-quart capacity making it ideal for turkey, chicken, and other comparably sized portions. Not only does this model fry your food selections, it is capable of steaming and boiling your choice of seafood, poultry, vegetables, and even tamales. The polished stainless steel material makes cleaning a breeze while keeping your fryer long lasting. It comes with the toughest market available perforated basket; providing even steaming.