Top 8 Best Baseball Bats 2020 Reviews

Baseball is one of the oldest sports worldwide. This adrenaline-packed event is entertaining. It also keeps people active. This lowers the risk of obesity-induced complications such as diabetes. If you are planning to join this sports, make sure you understand its rules. Read about it. Websites such as YouTube also have educative videos that you can use. Second, you need a baseball bat. This is where most people fail. Because of their naivety, they think that all brands of brightly colored baseball bats work the same. Kill this thought.

8. Easton Ghost X -3

Easton 2018 Ghost X -3

Adult sized bats cost a fortune. Unfortunately, only a fraction of them delivers the professional results most players want. Easton Ghost X -3 is one of them. This two-piece composite bat has an EXACT carbon technology that enlarges its sweet spot. Hitting ball of different types and sizes is therefore easily. Its smaller 2-5/8 inch handle (with HYPERSKIN grip), on the other hand, fits tightly in the hand. This boosts the swing speed and therefore the performance of people during training or competitions. You will also like its CONNEXION+ and technology and the DYNAMIC feel system of this 1.15 BPF certified baseball bat. They improve its feel and performance further.


  • CONNEXION+ technology
  • Durable composite bat (two-piece)
  • 1.15 BPF Certified design
  • EXACT carbon technology
  • Non-slip HYPERSKIN grip

7. DeMarini Voodoo (-10)

DeMarini 2018 Voodoo (-10)

DeMarini Voodoo (-10) is a well-balanced 2-5/8-inch baseball bat for adults. Its high-quality one-piece design does not shutter under stress. The X14 alloy used to make it also has a precise weight distribution, which boosts its performance. You can swing it faster than some brands, for instance. The 3Fusion handle on offer, on the other hand, has a good weight control. Approved for use during most USA baseball tournaments, this is an excellent competition-grade baseball bat.


  • Well-balanced 2-5/8-inch
  • Length to weight ratio (-10)
  • Approved for most tournaments
  • Comfortable 3Fusion handle
  • Durable X14 alloy material

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6. Rawlings Raptor Alloy Bat (-10)

Rawlings Raptor Alloy Bat (-10)

The Raptor from Rawlings is a stylish baseball bat with good balance and power. Its superior design has many unique features that boost the performance of its users. Because of its ultra-light drop, for instance, this bat generates more speed than the heavy traditional ones do. Its swings are smooth, while the responsive metal alloy used to manufacture its 2-1/4-inch barrel is durable. It does not chip easily. After years of abuse, the risk of it bending or breaking is also low.


  • Responsive metal alloy
  • Durable 2-1/4-inch barrel
  • Meets standards for baseball leagues
  • Ultra-light drop
  • Good balance and power

5. Easton S250 BBCOR

Easton 2018 S250 BBCOR

In colleges and high schools, baseball is a reputable sport among both boys and girls. If you are struggling to make the school team, check the type of bat that you are using. Does it have a large sweet spot? Are you comfortable with its length to weight ratio? If not, replace it with Easton S250 BBCOR. This collegiate and high school baseball bat has an admirable length to weight ratio (-3). Balancing it and generating power from most angles is a breeze for most people. It also has a thick barrel (2-5/8 inches) made of a military-grade Alx50 aluminum. This lightweight material lasts for long.


  • Military-grade Alx50 aluminum
  • Thick barrel (2-5/8 inches)
  • Length to weight ratio (-3)
  • Lightweight collegiate bat

4. Louisville Slugger WTLUBVA18B9

Louisville Slugger WTLUBVA18B9

Christened the slugger, Louisville WTLUBVA18B9 is a heavy-duty baseball bat with a durable one-piece design. If you do not mind using a heavy bat in practice, do not hesitate to order this one. Its weight to length ratio (-9) is ideal. Made of a 7-series alloy, its barrel has a solid structure, which boosts the performance of people. Whilst in use, the risk of this baseball bat slipping from your hand is low. Clad with a synthetic leather fade grip, its handle is non-slip. It also has a soft and comfortable structure that does not irritate the palm of fingers of its users. Approved for playing in the USA, this is a competition-grade bat. It is also under a warranty (1-year).


  • Limited warranty (1 year)
  • Weight to length ratio (-9)
  • Durable series 7 alloy barrel
  • Synthetic leather fade grip
  • Heavy-duty one-piece design

3. Easton Ghost X Hyperlite

Easton Ghost X Hyperlite

Does your child enjoy baseball? Does he or she have a hard time competing with other kids because of his or her low-grade baseball bat? This 2-5/8-inch Easton Ghost X Hyperlite bat is one of the best presents you can offer him or her. Recommended for youths, it has a comfortable weight to length ratio (-11). The one-piece alloy used to make its barrel, on the other hand, is light yet durable. It resists structural issues such as chips and breakages whilst in use. It also has a high impact force on baseballs, which boosts speed. For cushioning, Easton has fitted a 1.4mm hyperskin grip on this bat’s handle.


  • 1.4mm hyperskin grip
  • One-piece alloy barrel
  • Ultra-thin carbon handle

2. SAM BAT RB8 Baseball Bat

SAM BAT RB8 Baseball Bat


  • 2.53-inch thick barrel
  • 15/16-inch handle
  • Pro-grade maple wood (brown)
  • Medium flare knob

1. Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR

Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR

Marucci MCBC7 Cat7 BBCOR has an engineered barrel with a thick profile that generates impressive power. Made of Az4x alloy (one piece), it also has a durable design with a better response rate than most bats. Expect faster speeds whenever you are using this baseball bat. Finally, its upgraded dampening system has an Av2 vibration knob with a low vibration feedback. This lowers the risk of hand and elbow injuries whenever you are using this baseball bat.


  • BBCOR-certified baseball bat
  • Durable 2-5/8-inch barrel
  • Av2 anti-vibration knob
  • Responsive Az4x alloy barrel