Top 10 Best Car Buffers 2020 Reviews

Are you looking for the best car buffer? Whether you’re a car enthusiast or professional, finding the right polisher can be a tedious task. Naturally you will want to find the best car buffer to remove the scratches on your vehicle, but their are other needs that you may not have considered. Such as special features and kit availability. Fortunately, this list covers all you need to know for selecting the best buffer for you. Let’s get started!

10. Adam’s Cordless Polisher Swirl Killer

Adam’s Cordless Polisher Swirl Killer

The first car buffer on the list is from Adam’s Cordless Polisher Swirl Killer. This tool is known best for removing swirls, marks, and other defects from your vehicle. Unlike most buffers, Adam’s Cordless Polisher does not utilize cables. Making it less of hassle to use when polishing your car. It also makes it easier to perform work around curvy areas such as fog lights or rocker panels. Further, you can change the pad to clean the interior of your car as well. It is very lightweight, actually ten percent less than the typical polisher. This is wonderful for those looking to move about with their polishing machine. It is also capable of hologram polishing, a unique feature among buffering tools. This is done by generating heat at 6000 RPM. It can be used with any of the Adam’s available pads and polishes. You are provided with a one year warranty and a 110 percent satisfaction guarantee upon buying this buffer

9. DEWALT Variable Speed Polisher

DEWALT Variable Speed Polisher

Next up is the DEWALT Variable Speed Polisher. This particular model offers a 12 Amp, all ball-bearing build to keep your buffer in working condition. As the name suggests, there is a variety of speed ranging from 0 to max. Just set the trigger to your desired pace and let it go while it maintains an electronic powered pace. The polisher is composed of heat treated and precision cut steel to promise durability as well as adequate function.

8. ZOTA Polisher

ZOTA Polisher

The ZOTA Polisher makes it possible to achieve a quick finish thanks to it’s 21mm long-throw orbit and running on an invigorating 900 watts. You can rest at ease knowing your car will shine not only fast, but safely. The polisher is also dual functioning and possesses a six speed control dial ranging from 2000 to 4800 RPM. You may adjust as necessary to properly remove scratches and other unsightly areas. It uses a rubber handle with a platypus head to aid it’s ergonomic design and give you a comfortable grip. The kit includes a polisher machine, 3 foam pads, 1 backing plate, 1 hex wrench, 2 carbon brushes, 1 car wash mitt, and a user manual.

7. TCP Global Model EP

TCP Global Model EP

The TCP Global Model Ep comes with waffle foam and wool polishing pads that deliver professional grade polishing. It’s variable speed allows you to adjust the dial from 2000 to 6400 RPM. The kit includes 5 waffle pads and 1 wool pad to get you started. The wool pad uses a hook and loop design to relieve your vehicle of all scratches. These rough pads make it possible to remove even the toughest of defects thanks to their coarse material.

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6. Makita 9237CX3

Makita 9237CX3

Another polisher on the list is the Makita 9237CXThis polisher comes with a variable speed dial and trigger to meet the needs of power to work. Speed is than maintained by the polisher until it has completed the task at hand. The range for power is between 0 and 3200 RPM. The rubber handle and gear allows not only comfort to the user but helps to keep the material of your car safe. Lastly, this polisher has a wire mesh to keep any pieces of wool from the brush entering the motor; guaranteeing a longer life.

5. Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP

Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP

The BUF Porter Cable from Chemical Guys is the ideal polisher for keeping your vehicle safe while fine tuning it’s appearance. Not only this, but it is an easy way to apply wax quickly using one of it’s various pads. The Porter Cable comes with all the necessary tools to get your car looking it’s best. Including five Hex Logic polishing pads, orange cutting pad, white polishing pad, blue glazing pad, black finishing pad, and red ultra finish pad. The polisher comes complete with a hook to attach each pad. Maintain your car’s appearance or restore it with the help of this buffer.

4. Meguiar’s G55107 Dual Action Power System Kit

Meguiar's G55107 Dual Action Power System Kit

Meguiar’s G55107 Dual Action Power System Kit is a versatile tool that offers quick and safe polishing of your car. Not only this, but you can expect fast results by using the effective drill. You can expect results in as little as thirty minutes! It’s dual action feature let’s you fix defects while waxing at the same time. This saves you time and gains results faster than the average kit. It’s close to professional kits but without the expensive costs. It is recommended for use with 3/8 inch corded drills that operate between 1200 and 2500 RPM.

3. SPTA Mini Polishing Machine Rotary Polisher RO

SPTA Mini Polishing Machine Rotary Polisher RO

The third buffer on the list is the SPTA Mini Polishing Machine Rotary Polisher RO. The kit comes with 1 Superpolish R3 mini polisher, 18 polishing and wool polishing pads, 3 polishing backing pads, and 1 extension shaft. You can use these to polish and seal the shine of your car as well as to improve their lightness. The pads are bendy and can be washed so that you don’t have to purchase a replacement after use. The material is made of high quality wool and sponge that can be used in both pneumatic and electric polishing machines.

2. Ginour Polisher

Ginour Polisher

The Ginour Polisher functions on dual action providing both cleaning and damage removal. It runs on a 900W motor for stability and low noise control. It is ideal for machine tracks, burn marks, and holograms. This is a unique feature from typical polishing machines. This buffer is lightweight and compact so that you can easily travel with it. The approximate size is 14.56 by 10 by 6.10 inches. It offers six variable speeds which can be controlled through the use of a dial. The handle comes in two different styles; D-handle and side handle. The ergonomic design exceeds expectations found with the typical buffer.

1. PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher

PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher

Finally, we come to the number one buffer on the list; the PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher. This buffer features random-orbit, swirl-free sanding and polish action powered by 4.5 amp. The speed is adjustable from 2500 to 6800 OPM making it great for a variety of jobs. It also comes with a proprietary counter balance that can be used with a six inch pad. Accessories can also be used with the polisher provided they are 5/16 to 24 spindle thread. To ensure the buffer meets the best comfort and control, it has a removable side handle that can be placed in both left and right positions. It weighs in at a mere 5 and a half pounds so that you may transport it easily from job to job.