Best RC Cars Under $100 Reviews 2020

Kids usually use the toys for a long time, but with the introduction and increasing popularity of RC cars, there is no age limitation to play with them. It is incredible to play with RC or remote-controlled cars due to the excitement attached to them. Some of the RC vehicles, including cars and trucks, look like they have come out of a video game to excite you. Brief information about the best RC truck for beginners is provided in this write up to help you know them more closely. In this write-up, we will discuss the benefits of buying RC cars, things to consider while buying them, and some of the top RC cars that are reviewed to help you buy the best RC car under 100 for your kids.

Benefits of Buying RC Cars

  • Just for fun: RC cars are for fun, and it is the main benefit of buying them for kids. It is fun to watch a powerful small car running quickly at a speed of 60 mph in your backyard or on the pavement when you control its speed and direction remotely.
  • Socializing: Your kids will learn to socialize with new friends while playing with the best RC car under 100 as they can participate in community gatherings and RC clubs on weekends.
  • Competition: One can be competing in a live and healthy environment while playing with RC cars and trucks.
  • Coordination between hands and eyes: The player has to use his eyes and hands in coordination to navigate their vehicle in the real world.
  • Increase their interest: Your kids are developing an interest in driving or gradually repairing a racing car while playing with RC cars.

Things To Consider While Buying RC Cars Under 100

Choosing the best RC truck for beginners can be a difficult task for you. You will have to keep a few things in your mind to avoid any regret later on.

  • Type of Car: Two types of RC cars are available in the market- off-road RC cars and on-road RC cars. On-road RC car can be the right choice for you if you want to drive it on even and smooth surfaces as they can be controlled easily and perfectly while driving around corners and on smooth surfaces. On the contrary, off-road RC cars can be more suitable for you if you want to drive them on concrete and rocky trials. You can use off-road RC cars for stunts and jumps while driving on rocky terrains.
  • Durability: The RC cars you choose should be durable enough to bear knocks and drops, which are prevalent things for them. The structure of the RC car you choose should be solid to run on its terrain, for which you have selected it, effectively and efficiently. Moreover, they should be extra strong as they are to be handled by the kids.
  • Scale: The size of the RC cars is determined with the help of scale. Scale determines the proportionate size of the RC car to its real model. For instance, if 1/10 is the scale of an RC car, it is one-tenth in size to its original model. The biggest scale of RC cars is or 1/The operating and transporting cost of such RC cars can be slightly higher than the RC cars of other scales. The smallest scale of an RC car is 1/24, and its price of operation and transportation is also meager.
  • Frequency: Another important factor to be considered while buying the best RC car under 100 is the frequency channel of its remote. The frequency level of your remote control system should handle the frequency of other remotes if several remotes are being used in the area where you are driving your RC car.
  • Speed: You should also consider the highest speed of the RC car you are buying. You should avoid buying an RC car with the highest speed if you buy it just for fun. You should not buy a speedy model if you are handling such cars for the first time. But if you are buying remote control vehicles for the sake of competition, then a car with the highest speed can be the best for you.
  • Battery Life: The life of your RC car’s battery also plays a great role in selecting a car for your kids. You can buy any RC car if you can satisfy your desires by driving it for 10-20 minutes. But if you want to drive your remote control car for a longer time, it must have a battery that can be charged fast and have an extended life.
  • Distance to control: The distance to control your car with your remote’s help is also a significant factor to consider while buying an RC car. The models designed for kids can be controlled within the room, whereas this distance can be over 300 feet if you drive an off-road RC car on rocky terrains.
  • Additional features: Some companies offer their RC cars with certain additional features to attract new customers. These features can include special horns, functional lights, and certain other fancy features. But when you are looking for the best RC truck for beginners, you should not focus on additional features as they can increase your RC car’s cost.

Thus, by considering the factors discussed in this write-up, you can easily buy the best RC car under 100. Due to the availability of a wide variety of RC car models in the market, it becomes a bit confusing to buy the best one for your kids within your budget. A few best RC cars under 100 are briefly reviewed here to help you in this regard.

Some of the Best RC Cars Under 100

10. RC Cars with 1:18 Scale by HAIBOXING

RC Cars with 1:18 Scale by HAIBOXING

This is a hobby-grade RC truck with a 1/18 scale to enjoy the drive on smooth surfaces with its powerful motor and two-speed switches. It has 2 LED lamps for driving at night. This small, powerful 4WD truck is ideal for kids as it can be driven on all terrains with its Li-ion battery’s help. It also includes an attractive configuration of the roll cage to make it suitable for adult drivers.


  • Hobby-grade fast RC truck
  • Two-speed switch
  • Suitable for all-terrain
  • The best configuration of the roll cage for adult drivers
  • Replacement parts available

9. RC Car with 1/18 scale by DOUBLE E

RC Car with 1/18 scale by DOUBLE E

This 4WD powerful RC truck has 2 motors to run easily on any terrain. It can easily climb on a slope of 45 degrees with the help of its shockproof and durable structure. RC truck has two rechargeable batteries to help kids play with it for a long time and have a lot of fun. It has a highly responsive throttle and steering to have fun for extended hours.


  • Powerful and strong RC car
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Uninterrupted control
  • Beautiful exterior

8. All-Terrain RC Car by HAIBOXING

All-Terrain RC Car by HAIBOXING

This all-terrain 4WD RC car has a brushed fast motor to increase its efficiency. This hobby grade RC vehicle can run at the highest speed of 30 mph. It has a fully functional remote control system to control it effectively from a distance of up to 280 feet. Its electronic components are splash-proof to drive it in any season and any terrain. Its body is made from solid and flexible PVC.


  • Powerful motor
  • Hobby class design
  • Fully functional radio control system
  • Solid and flexible PVC body
  • Li-ion battery

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7. Off-Road Remote Control Car by SZJJX

Off-Road Remote Control Car by SZJJX

This RC car has been made durable and firm with the help of the protection rack fixed to its PVC body with dozens of screws. Independent suspension springs are provided in all 4 wheels to make it shockproof and safe while driving on any terrain. It has a strong motor to provide it a strong torque to make difficult moves easily.


  • Quality rack for protection
  • Independent suspension spring for four wheels
  • Strong motor
  • Rubber tires
  • Easy controls

6. Remote Control Stunt Car by sugoiti

Remote Control Stunt Car by sugoiti

This off-road RC racing car can be used to perform many stunts easily. It can spin up to 350 degrees with the help of its powerful remote controller. Its strong structure is made from non-toxic PVC and the best quality ABS plastic to make it safe for the kids. It can be run-up to the speed of 15 km per hour with the help of its powerful motor, nickel-cadmium battery, and remote controller.


  • Fantastic RC car for stunts
  • Easy controls
  • Made from ABS plastic and explosion-proof PVC
  • Powerful motor
  • Rechargeable battery

5. RC Cars with 1:20 scale by LÆGENDARY

RC Cars with 1:20 scale by LÆGENDARY

You can run this RC car for a longer time to have more fun as it has two high power rechargeable batteries. It has a powerful brushed motor to run this waterproof 4×4 off-road truck up to the speed of 20 mph or 30 km/h. This RC truck is made durable and operational by using heavy-duty wheels so that you can run it on any terrain.


  • Extended runtime for more fun
  • Powerful brushed motor
  • Extraordinary durability
  • Easy controls
  • Perfect gift for any occasion

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4. Remote Control Car by IMDEN

Remote Control Car by IMDEN

This durable RC truck has been designed strong to run at a powerful speed. Its remote control can control it from a distance of up to 260 feet. All the wheels include springy materials to bounce on irregular surfaces and when dropped unexpectedly. RC truck wheels are made of heavy-duty and durable materials to perform stably on any surface at high speed. It has 2 rechargeable batteries to enjoy with it for extended hours.


  • Powerful speed
  • Best experience with remote control
  • Strong and shockproof structure
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Powerful rechargeable battery

3. Remote Control Car by ORRENTE

Remote Control Car by ORRENTE

This RC car allows you and your kids to perform stunts by rotating at 360 degrees. Its remote control has enough frequency to control this car uninterruptedly, even at high speed of 7 km/h. IMDEN can be controlled easily from a distance of nearly 40 meters. It has 4 rechargeable batteries to play with it for 22 minutes with each battery.


  • Stunt with 360degree rotation
  • Uninterrupted control
  • Powerful batteries
  • Cool headlight and 2 motors
  • Shockproof structure

2. RC Stunt Car for Kids by SHARKOOL

RC Stunt Car for Kids by SHARKOOL

This RC car for kids can help you control your naughty kids by allowing them to perform stunts by moving it in all directions. Its two powerful motors can allow them to run it at a maximum speed of up to 12 km/h. This car is made from the best quality non-toxic Airline plastic to make it safe for the kids. A money-back guarantee backs it for 5 months and a repair warranty for 5 years.


  • Spin dancing at 360 degrees
  • Powerful high-speed motors
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Full refund and replacement guarantee for 5 months
  • Free repair for 5 years

1. RC Stunt Car by SGILE

RC Stunt Car by SGILE

This RC stunt car with cool features allows you to perform unusual stunts by moving it 360 degrees. Its powerful motor allows you to run it at a speed of up to 15 km/hr. It is made of non-toxic PVC and premium quality ABS plastic to make it safe for kids. Its remote controller can be used uninterruptedly, even in the presence of multiple players.


  • Abnormal stunts with cool features
  • Powerful motor
  • Attractive design
  • Easy controls
  • Powerful Ni-MH battery


The information provided in this write-up about the reasons to buy the best RC truck for beginners and things to consider while buying the best RC car under 100 can help you buy the most suitable RC car for your kids and you. Some of the best budgetary RC cars are also reviewed in this article to help you understand the features of remote control vehicles available in the market. I hope this information will be helpful to you in this regard.