Top 10 Best RC Rock Crawlers 2020 Reviews

If you love rock crawling and would like to have a look at some of the best gaming rock crawlers as far as 2020 is concerned, then you are in the right place. We are hopeful that this article will give the readers a reasonably good idea about RC or Rock Crawler. We will also try and find out more about ten different makes and models of Rock Crawlers. We are sure it will help our readers to choose the best based on information and knowledge rather than making a decision based on data and knowledge rather than basing it on hearsays and opinions. However, before that, we will try and have a brief understanding of the various things to be kept in mind when planning to choose the Best RC Rock Crawler. With so many options being available, making the right choice is not easy.

How To Choose The Best Rock Crawler

There are quite a few things that must be kept in mind when choosing a rock crawler. We are listing down a few of the important things that could help you select the right trawler, whether it is readymade or customized to suit specific needs and requirements.

Axles and Differentials

You must bear in mind that even gaming crawler axles have to handle quite a bit of tough and rough usage, and at times, they also have to face quite a bit of abuse in some of the most demanding and tough terrains. Hence, you must make sure that you spend time and effort identifying crawlers that come with the best axles. Many websites could help you stay away from makers of crawlers who do not have the best of track records as far as crawlers are concerned.


This is one of the biggest challenges and problems when choosing a rock crawler. Suspensions can be in different shapes and sizes, and at times they could be self-limiting. Hence, you must have to do your research and choose the best ones keeping in mind the load that it will handle and the kind of terrains that it will use. The size of the vehicle, the wheel’s size, and other such things have a significant role to play when it comes to choosing the right suspension.

Motor & Engine Power

Yes, there is no doubt that the motor and engine’s power has a role to play though it is quite possible that these crawlers literally will be crawling. However, engine power has an impact when it comes to negotiating some of the worst terrains, and a well powered and intelligently designed machine can help to come out of these terrains without causing any damage to the vehicle, the suspension, axles, wheels, and other such things.

Hence, you must do your research, spend some time, and then decide which is the best option for making the best of the rock crawlers.

Let us now review 10 different makes and models of the best RC rock crawler machines so that our readers can have a better idea and information.

10. Redcat Scout II Scale Rock Crawler

Redcat Scout II Scale Rock Crawler

This could be a candidate for the best RC rock crawler because of some obvious reasons. It is feature-rich, and we are sharing a few of them for the benefit of our readers. It is a 4WD off-road machine and comes with a licensed body and portal axes, and much more


  • Licensed Body: One of the biggest takeaways is that it comes with a licensed Scout II body and a hard plastic grill, and a body that is LED ready. It also comes complete with plastic folding mirrors, super swamper tires, and plastic rock sliders.
  • The wheelbase is Adjustable: There is no doubt that the wheelbase is adjustable, and there are few other things that are also adjustable. These include toe angles, ride heights, multiple shock positions, tunable suspension, many upgraded parts, and too many 3D printable parts.
  • Entertainment System: You also will be able to get a hefty steering servo and 2.4Ghz radio system.

9. Electric Rock Crawlers From Rabing

Electric Rock Crawlers From Rabing

There is no doubt that Rabing is a big name for quality rock crawlers, and therefore, this model is popular. This is a proven radio control vehicle off-road and comes in red and blue colors. Here are some interesting features


  • Intelligently Designed Rubber Tires: The crawler comes with high-quality rubber tires and also semi-pneumatic tires. They are designed to give more flexibility. The tires are made from high-quality PVC that is elastic and soft.
  • High-Quality Suspension Spring: The crawler has four-wheel driven wheels. These are installed with an independent suspension spring. This also improves flexibility apart from offering better shockproof facilities.
  • Four-Wheel Drive: It also comes with a four-wheel drive, and this helps improve power torque quite a bit and can help the vehicle complete tough and difficult moves. It also has a direction finder at the bottom of the spinner.

8. Keliwow RC Cars

Keliwow RC Cars

If you are looking for the best of high-speed racing experience and other such things, then you have many reasons to try this out. It comes from the house of Keliwow, who have rich experience in making some of the best Rock Crawlers.


  • Best Possible Racing Experience: The RC car comes equipped with a powerful 380 brushed motor. Additionally, you also have shaft-driven 4WD, which will help you get a comfortable 40km/h driving speed. It is compatible with driving on grass, wet mud, sand, and swamp. You can certainly enjoy the fun of realistic racing.
  • Extended Run Time: It comes with two powerful Li-Ion 7.4 volt rechargeable batteries of 1500mAh. It is quite easy to install and remove. They help in remote controlling the car, and you can also perform some demanding tasks.
  • Suitable For All Terrains: It is suited for all terrains and can prevent different types of damage caused by vibration. It has the best ball bearing throughout the vehicle, which again is a big takeaway.

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7. RGT RC Trawler

RGT RC Trawler

This resembles a 4×4 mini RC Car, and the Red color is indeed bright. It is ergonomically designed and power-packed with some great features.


  • Anytime And Anywhere Crawler: This is an anywhere and anytime crawler with some great features. This model #136240V2 is expected to outrun and outperform many other such crawlers in the same category. This pocket-sized crawler is almost ready to crawl. It can be used in homes and easily cover garages, offices, kitchens, bedrooms, and gardens.
  • You Can Set The Center of Gravity Lowers: The new gear ration helps in split transmission systems. Hence, it has a much better center of gravity, which increases balance quite a bit.
  • Interesting Electrical Setting: The crawler has an RC050 carbon brush along with a capacitive torque motor.

6. SZJJX Crawler Truck Vehicle

SZJJX Crawler Truck Vehicle

This is a high-speed crawler with some amazing features. SZJJX has done a great job as a manufacturer. Here are some features that go in, making it quite a good buy.


  • Off-Road Car For All-Terrain: A double magnet power powers this. It is an excellent playing experience. You will love the 4 wheel driving experience.
  • Off-Road Protection: It comes with a unique 4WD suspension spring system. It not only makes the vehicle flexible but prevents it from falls and collisions.
  • Cool & Tough Design: It allows an amazing remote control and covers a distance of around 60 meters. This 2.4Ghz remote controller is the reason behind this.

5. INGQU Road Monster

INGQU Road Monster

There are many reasons why it is referred to as a road monster. It comes complete with headlights and other such fittings to make it a real-life crawler experience. It also has some interesting features, and here are a few of them.


  • Rechargeable High Capacity Battery: This is perhaps one of the main reasons this is a great buy. The 2 powerful and rechargeable 4.8 V battery of 700mAh capacity is indeed a big takeaway.
  • Impressive Interiors: Each interior has been carefully thought out, and it gives that real-life experience. Further, it is made from a material that is environmentally friendly and totally free from toxic and other substances. The premium ABS plastic is also an interesting feature.
  • Independent Suspension Spring: Each wheel is independent because it has a separate suspension spring. This improves its shock-absorbing capacity quite a bit.

4. SZJJX RC Off-Road Car

SZJJX RC Off Road Car

This could be called an all-terrain climbing and crawling are, and it is a great addition to your hobby. It comes from the house of SZJJX, and it would be interesting to have a look at some of the most important features and functionalities.


  • Quality Protection Rack: The quality aspect of the RC crawlers has been taken care of in more ways than one. It is fixed with dozens of screws, ensuring that the crawler is extremely durable and firm. It also is made from imported high-quality materials.
  • Strong Motor Installations: You can feel the power of the entire crawler as it negotiates some of the most difficult and tough terrains in homes, offices, outdoors, and other such places. This has been made possible mainly because of the strong motor, and it also has been installed intelligently. It helps in effortless four-wheel drive making it easy to negotiate difficult terrains.
  • Quality Rubber Tires: The rubber tires and the materials that have been used to make the tires are also of the best quality. The best PVC material has been used. The tire material is soft and elastic. It can be adjusted depending on the terrain and road condition and can negotiate the toughest terrains effortlessly.

3. Haiboxing Electric Vehicle

Haiboxing Electric Vehicle

Those who have had experience with Haiboxing believe that they make some of the best gaming electric vehicles and rock crawlers. True to this tradition, this model also has some interesting features, and we are happy to share some of them.


  • High-Quality Motor: A fast brushed RC380 motor powers the entire Rock Crawler. It is simply superb and is known for its ability to handle tough drive terrains efficiently. It can easily tough a speed of 30 MPH, and this indeed is an exciting experience for the users.
  • Classy Body Design: You also will like the body that comes with high-quality ball bearings, independent suspension, gear differential that is solid, and much more.
  • Radio Control System: You also get an advanced 2.4 GHz radio control system that is fully functional. It ensures stable control of the vehicle within a distance of 280 feet.

2. Double E-Store Remote Control Car

Double E-Store Remote Control Car

This could be classified as a solid and powerful truck with 4 wheel drive and some other features. We are happy to share some of the most important features.


  • All Terrain Car: Equipped with 2 powerful motors, it has the capacity to negotiate and climb 45-inch slopes easily. This makes it a perfect candidate for being one of the best RC rock crawlers in the market today. It also can run on difficult terrains smoothly.
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery: The car comes with two powerful 4.8V 800 mAH batteries. It helps in enjoying the double pleasure and extended gaming experience.
  • Anti-Interference Control: It has a sensitive 2.4GHz transmitter. It is highly responsive to throttle and to steer. This makes it useful for multi-camera racing.

1. RRayCom Off-Road Crawler

RRayCom Off Road Crawler

This is a great looking, sturdy, and high-performance road crawler from Raycom. It has some astonishing features and here are a few of them


  • 4 Wheel Drive RC Truck: The four-wheel-drive will certainly give new and unique gaming and playing experience. It can cover a range of around 262 feet.
  • Real RC Crawler Look: You will feel that you drive a real crawler because of its near life design, specifications, and other such things.
  • Sturdy & Shockproof Body Design: It certainly is a perfect combination of the real-life front bumper, elastic coating, tough rubber tires, and much more.


We are sure that the above article may have thrown some new light to our readers as far as RC rock crawlers are concerned. While experienced users may have some information and knowledge about these crawlers, the above information is perhaps suited more for those trying their hand with these rock trawlers for the first time. Further, the brief review of ten different makes and models of Rock Crawlers may also help our readers and prospective customers have an improved canvas about these crawlers and then decide based on information and knowledge instead of going in perceptions opinions alone.