Top 8 Best Wood Baseball Bats 2020 Reviews

In respect to popularity, the claws of Baseball still stretch further beyond the grasp of other enthralling sports such as the NBA and with its continued dominance in the US, it is no news that a large number of kids are aspiring to venture into it as a career. If you have a kid or know a one that fits this description, it is your responsibility to make certain that they are rocking the best items around.

Even with the entire kit playing a key role in the process, the bat beats all of them as the most important item which is why it is important to ensure that you indeed get the best of them all.



For a price tag not exceeding $ 200, Combat Vigour is your child’s direct way to baseball stardom. With a perfectly balanced swing weight and an amazingly remarkable sweet spot, your child has no excuse to not making top tier status. It boasts a seamless and precision molding construction technology to produce accurately defined inner and outer barrel diameters.

Moreover, its grip is complemented by Lizard skin of Ultra-premium status for ease and comfort. It is ideal for a whole lot of hitters and with 1.15 BPF USSSA certification, you can rest assured quality is at its finest.


  • Perfectly balanced swing weight.
  • Seamless and precision molding construction technology for superior precision.
  • Grip is complemented by Lizard skin of Ultra-premium status for ease and comfort.
  • 1.15 BPF USSSA certification.
  • Accommodates a diverse selection of hitters.

7. Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 Youth Baseball Bat (-10)

Starting you off with a performance promise covering the first 30 days after purchase, Louisville Slugger has raised the bar with their Omaha 516 baseball bat. Boating championship performance and trusted power, this bat is the most dependable and consistent one-piece high performing bat around. It is made from 7U1 lightweight alloy to deliver an apt blend of unrivaled power, superior balance, colossal sweet spot, a swing weight that is fairly light and an optimum barrel flex.


  • Performance Promise covering 30 days.
  • Made from 7U1 lightweight alloy.
  • A swing weight that is fairly light.
  • Superior balance.
  • Colossal sweet spot.


If you are a Combat lover, then you know that they are unrivaled when it comes to their one-piece classic composite designs, a feat the PG4YB110 perfectly maintains. Aside from that, with this but you can expect accurate swing weight and an amazingly considerably sized sweet spot.

Everything falls into place with this bat majorly because of its seamless and precision molding technology meaning that its construction is computer engineered to guarantee precision and accuracy. This Combat version features lizard ultra-premium skin grips. This is an ideal bat for a varied selection of hitters.


  • Swing weight that is remarkably even.
  • Lizard ultra-premium skin grips for optimal comfort and enhanced bat control.
  • Great and striking.
  • Variable stiffness technology to ensure supreme barrel compression when the ball meets the bat.

5. Easton MAKO ALIMINIUM Tee-Ball Bat

Inspiring confidence is the most noteworthy action a Tee bat can perform for a young player and it is exactly what MAKO Easton bat ascertains. This bat incorporates a length to weight ratio that is extremely light-weight to enhance swing speed resulting to gain of power by the hitter.

Moreover, it boasts a low Moment of Inertia (M.O.I) to enhance both ease and control of the bat. Aside from composite one-piece build and USSSA stamp (1.15 BPF); it is accompanied by a 12-month warranty.


  • Cushioned grip.
  • Composite construction.
  • 12-Month warranty.

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4. Easton YB15S1 S1 COMP (-12) Bat

With a significantly massive barrel and a composite two-piece construction to give unrivaled bat speed, the YB15S1 is just the item to have. It particularly optimizes its sweet spot for optimum performance. Moreover, it is characterized by conation technology that capitalizes on energy transfer to a superior feel.

This Easton beauty has a low MOI for faster speed and comes with an ultra-thin handle boasting black SIC carbon for enhanced experience.


  • Low MOI for faster speed.
  • Ultra thin handle for enhanced experience.
  • Composite two-piece construction to give unrivaled bat speed.
  • Conation technology that capitalizes on energy transfer to a superior feel.
  • Durable with no stinging.

3. YBAR152 Louisville Slugger Youth (-12) Baseball Bat

Even before delving into its features, this is a high-end bat that comes with quite an exorbitant price tag. Made of pure aluminum alloy, this bat ensures speedy striking of the ball and is quite accommodating for individuals with little initial swinging strength.

If you have sweaty palms, the tapered handles of the bat will perfectly accommodate your needs and with aluminum as the underlying material, your swing should be a comfortable one. Despite being amazingly lightweight, it, however, compromises on its sweet spot width-a major complain from the users.


  • Tapered Handle for easier griping of the bat.
  • Swing easily.
  • Durable.
  • Owing to a -12 drop, it ensures easier control.


2. Easton S500 Baseball Bat

If you are willing to part with a considerable amount of money for a bat, then Easton S500 is worthy of your attention. Boasting an alloy composition, it facilitates swifter swing speeds. Furthermore, with 29/32’’ handles, the bat provides a firm yet comfortable grip. The bat comes in 5 diverse size options and a considerably handy barrel size of 21/4.


  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty.
  • Wide array of sizes.
  • Certified by USSSA and BPF.
  • Fast swinging speed.
  • Handle has rubber grips.

1. Easton S50 Baseball Bat

Crafted of sturdy aluminum alloy, this light but considerably strong and powerful bat is characterized by a swing weight that is light and a fairly sized sweet spot all under a perfectly balanced design. This bat has a 29/32″ aluminum alloy handle with a fully rolled over grip that is both handy and comfortable for every swing.

It is 1.15 BPF USSSA certified and comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. If your child has a passion for playing bat, then this is the best present you can ever get them.


  • Aluminum alloy composition that makes it durable.
  • 1.15 BPF USSSA certification.
  • Comes in diverse size options.
  • Lightweight for comfortable and easy swinging.

Considerations When Purchasing Youth Baseball Bats:

Bat Speed: Even for non-base ball players, it is quite outright that the faster the bat speed is, the further the ball will go when struck. Despite the fact that some components such as throwing style and power come into play, speed remains a component in achieving the good result.

Bat Weight: Depending on your stature, select a bat weight that best suits you. As is recommended, big and strong individuals need a significantly heavier bat than small build individuals. Select one that you are most comfortable with.

Length: Almost analogous to the bat weight aspect, larger bats are of course heavier; which then necessitates the selection of a bat that best suits your buildup. Big and strongly build individuals should go for lengthier bats and smaller build individuals should go for lesser ones.

Sweet Spot width: Despite not having a mutually agreed definition of a bat’s ‘sweet spot’, most experts concur that it is definitely that meaty part of a bat. When the ball falls on that part, it will ultimately be retrieved from the stand; as you would correctly guess, the sweet spot width is obviously limited meaning the ball rarely hits that point.

However: there are bats that come with a slightly broader sweet spot and although they are quite large themselves, they offer a better shot at striking the ball with the sweet spot.