Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Gloves 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for the best youth baseball glove for yourself, friends, or family? Then this article is the right one for you! Not only will you be able to read about the reviews of the best youth baseball gloves, but you will also receive a short briefing about what to look for when you are trying to get a good glove for the baseball game and hand protection.

Baseball gloves are a must-have piece of sports equipment if you are playing baseball as they serve to provide comfort for your hands when playing and for protection to avoid bruises and accidents. As there are many types of gloves available right now, finding the right one might be difficult. So to save you time, you can follow our easy buying guide brief as follows.

The main important factors that you should consider include the materials, the design, the protective features, the right size, and extra supports to protect your hand and enhance your baseball experience. The design and features should involve your web, the palm, heel, and lacing for long-lasting support and ensure you can use the glove for a long time. Wrist adjustment should also help you to adjust the fit level according to your preference. The material’s quality ensures the gloves protection support and protection as promised with premium materials to fit the price level and purchase satisfaction.

If you are interested in this product, but you are unsure about the size to get for your smaller kids and teenage children, then the best kids baseball gloves might be the next best gifts for your little ones!

Now that you are familiar with the factors to consider when looking for the best youth baseball gloves let us go through the reviews and features of the best ones available in the market right now to assist your purchasing consideration.

10. Mizuno Prospect Glove

Mizuno Prospect Glove

Several brands of baseball gloves look the same. However, before paying a hefty amount for one, make sure that it will improve your performance. For instance, Mizuno Prospect is a popular model for youths and kids. Made of full-grain leather; this is a durable item. It does not stretch or rips as easily as some lightweight synthetic materials often do. The unique power close technology that it has is also one of a kind. Because of its fast response rate, it makes catching baseballs at high speed easy. Fitted with a premium MZO lining, Mizuno Prospect has a comfortable ButterSoft palm. Once you have secured it well (Power Lock Strap), you can play for long without issues.


  • Power Lock strap
  • Durable leather shell (full grain)
  • Comfortable MZO lining

9. Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Glove

Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Glove

Are you looking for a comfortable 9.5-inch baseball glove for an upcoming competition? Franklin Sports RTP ticks these boxes. Buy one to get a lightweight yet professional-grade baseball glove that is perfect for beginners. Unlike some brands that need weeks of breaking into work well, this model comes ready to play. Off the shelf, you can use it for training or competition without any issues. Its fit is also optimal. Using its sturdy Teeball closure, you can adjust its fit on demand to maximize comfort. Each original model comes with a free soft foam ball (PU) that lasts for a long.


  • Sturdy Teeball closure
  • Lightweight beginner’s glove
  • Free soft foam ball (PU)
  • Comes ready to play
  • High-quality leather

8. Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect

Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect

Youths, like professional baseball players, need high-quality gloves to perform well. Unfortunately, because of their low budgets, they opt for low-grade accessories that do not work well. This should not be the case. Reputable baseball gloves for youths such as Mizuno GPP1075Y1 are readily available on the Web. Featuring a patented PowerClose system, catching balls with this glove is child’s play. Using its Power Lock closure, you can customize its fit to maximize its performance. Finally, because of its lightweight and comfortable design, this is a good glove for beginners. You can wear, use, and maintain it easily.


  • Patented PowerClose system
  • Power Lock closure system
  • Light and comfortable glove
  • Durable leather shell

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7. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Gloves

 Rawlings Select Pro Lite Youth Baseball Gloves

Rawlings Select Pro Lite is a renowned youth series glove for playing baseball. Modeled after Bryce Harper’s professional glove, its stylish 12-inch design fits most youths. Its taper fit pattern enables people to control golf balls better, while its all-leather lacing is flexible. The latter makes Rawlings Select Pro Lite perfect for outfield players. Finally, if you are looking for a comfortable glove, consider buying Rawlings Select Pro. It has a padded index finger and palm. It also has a cushioned finger back with a soft lining that prevents irritation. Off the shelf, this glove comes 90% broken in.


  • All-leather lacing
  • Comfortable12-inch design
  • Padded palm and fingers
  • Cushioned finger back
  • Comes 90% broken in

6. Franklin Sports Teeball

Franklin Sports Teeball

Buy Franklin Sports to get a 9.5-inch recreational baseball glove for fielding. Its green and blue theme is stylish. Made of technical mesh, its shell is lightweight and comfortable. It does not restrain and or irritate the hand, as some leather gloves often do. This is invaluable. If you train or compete for hours often, therefore, you will enjoy using this baseball glove. Beginners also find it fun to use.


  • Eye-catching lime theme
  • Soft and comfortable mesh
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Comes with free baseball

5. Easton Pro-Youth Ramirez Py1050

Easton Pro Youth Ramirez Py1050

This Baseball Glove from Easton Pro is the ideal youth model worn by famous baseball players like Alex Bregman, José Ramírez, and Kevin Pillar. Not only is this model popular, but it is also durable and comfortable to use. It features an ultra-soft Hog Hide with all leather gloves. It is also equipped with a Flex Notch system for easier pocket closure to prevent loose fit.


  • Ideal youth model
  • Popular brand
  • Durable all leather
  • Easier fit notch system
  • Ultra-soft hog hide

4. Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove

Franklin Sports Baseball and Softball Glove

This re-designed Field Master Series offers extended quality synthetic-leather baseball gloves for any recreational player. There are some of the most popular sizes, shapes, and web designs with your most comfortable fit. This is ideal if you are looking for the best little league glove. It is lightweight and responsive for easy and quick to break in. It comes with an adjustable wrist strap and contour fit system for a customizable thumb adjustment to your preference.


  • Synthetic Leather
  • Easy break-in
  • Contour fit system
  • Customization thumb adjustment
  • Hand formed pocket

3. GROOFOO Baseball Glove and Ball

GROOFOO Baseball Glove and Ball

If you are looking for a durable yet lightweight baseball glove, then this one from Groofoo is right for you. This glove features thick synthetic leather to ensure its durability and tear-resistance. You can use this glove for training or gaming for a long time usage. It is designed with sponge stereoscopic design with PU artificial lines to ensure it is durable yet lightweight for an easy and quick break-in. It is very soft and pliable for wear-resistant features.


  • Easy, comfortable fit.
  • Sponge stereoscopic design
  • Thicken PU artificial lines
  • Very soft and pliable, wear-resistant
  • Includes a soft training baseball

2. FerDIM Baseball Glove

FerDIM Baseball Glove

This left-hand baseball glove is ideal for both beginner or general competition. It is made of PU artificial cowhide for wear-resistant protection. The gloves’ smooth design makes it easy to close the baseball glove around the ball when you catch it. The foamed PU makes it very lightweight so that you can wear it with comfort. It is also well sewed to withstand strong impact and tearing. The stereoscopic design in the wrist back prevents the wrist from abrasion and becoming sweaty. This is one of the best sizes of youth baseball gloves you can get for yourself or your children!


  • Ideal for beginner and veterans
  • Smooth design gloves
  • Wear-resistant PU
  • Leather cord & T-ball sewing
  • Stereoscopic design

1. Tru Pro Sliding Mitt

Tru Pro Sliding Mitt

This Tru Pro sliding mitt is a great protective wear for any level of baseball players. It features a hardened exterior all over the gloves for complete protection. It has an elastic strap that allows the hand to easily put on, take off, and tighten around your wrist comfortably. Its sealed enclosed design further minimizes the thumb from unexpected injury. This design allows for great comfort and fits when wearing and sliding. The Sliding Mitt will fit both of your hands to allow for your preference.


  • Ideal for all level of players
  • Hardened exterior
  • Elastic strap
  • Sealed enclosed design
  • Fits both hands

FINAL VERDICT on the Best Youth Baseball Gloves

Now that you have gone through the brief buying guides, the reviews, and highlights of the 10 best youth baseball gloves 2020, we believe you are ready to go and get the best model that would fit your preference and baseball gaming needs. While we provide you with the list of the 10 best ones available right now, we do believe you should look for the one that would make you happy after purchase, which fits your personal and gaming needs. The best baseball gloves for youth would enhance the gaming experience even further for your thrills, excitement, and protection!

For your satisfaction, make sure you consider the two most important factors: the material and the glove design. The gloves material ensure your baseball gloves are soft and comfy to use and enduring and long-lasting to prevent wearing, holes, fading, and becoming loose. The design ensures it fits right to your palm and hand, prevent loosing or accidents, and to yield for a perfect break-in.

Regarding the material, look for high-quality synthetic leather, grain leather, or premium cowhide to ensure it is equipped with long-lasting capability and comfortable usage. They are enduring, comfortable to wear, and protect your hands against strong impacts and shocks so your hand will not accidentally get hurt or bruised.

As for the glove design, it should be easy to wear and take off with comfort fit, no loose, and will wrap around your palm and wrist nicely. An elastic strap would make your gloves even easier and more comfortable to wear. They can be flexibly made for each hand side or both sides. It should also be equipped with hardened texture on the palm or thumbs for extra protection.

Besides these two main points, you can also consider the extra and bonus features for your preference, including pattern designs, color, general size (Small, Medium, Large), brand reputation, and the price points that would be dependent on your needs, preferences, and gaming requirement.

By now, we hope you are ready and go looking for the right one for yourself! A right youth baseball gloves would enhance your baseball experience and protect your hands from impacts and accidents. This would also ensure you would totally enjoy your game with no worries and inconveniences. Enjoy baseball and happy shopping!