Top 8 Board Games For 2 Year Olds 2020 Reviews

Given the nature of the subject, it helps to look especially for board games for 2 year olds. This is because the games tend to need to be designed specifically with two year olds in mind. Here are the best board games for 2 year olds.

8. Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game

Paw Patrol Drop Chase Board Game

This game has multiple colors to help make it appealing to children. There’s a spinning mechanism that points to a color so your child can then hit that colored tile with the little hammer. It also features colorful Paw Patrol characters seen from other products. The dogs are dramatic and appealing to kids. The goal is to knock out the tiles without making the dog character “Chase” fall down. As a result, it features a bit of strategy that makes it a good family game.

7. Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up!

Peaceable Kingdom Stack Up!

This game actually won awards for helping preschoolers learn skills. Unlike many preschool games, this one is completely cooperative. It involves matching colors and teaching children the skill of working together in a group. The game is simple to play, and it just involves spinning around the spinner, and then stacking up the twelve blocks before the smasher can get to them. You can play up to 6 players at once. Other awards the game has won include the “Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Seal” among others.

6. Lucky Ducks- The Memory and Matching Game That Moves

Lucky Ducks- The Memory and Matching Game That Moves

The way this game works is that you put ducks into the pond game board, and then you turn the game on. This makes the ducks “swim” around the pond. Then, players choose a duck and check the shape on the bottom. If this matches the shape they started the game with, then they keep it. Once a player gets three ducks, they win. Features for the game include the fact that it’s particularly effective at teaching children color and shape recognition. The fact that the ducks move around help to up the challenge of the recognition, making those skills develop quicker.

5. The Ladybug Game

The Ladybug Game

This game was actually invented by a first grader, so you know that it works well for children. The game helps children learn to read and count as they follow the adventures of a ladybug moving through a garden. It features many different characters including lazy ants and a praying mantis. The game has features which include cards specifically for the LadyBug character, special tokens called “Aphid Chips,” and many other colorful cards and drawings on the game board.

4. Wonder Forge Curious George Matching Game for Boys and Girls

Wonder Forge Curious George Matching Game for Boys and Girls

There are so many possible combinations in the Curious George Matching Game that you can play it over and over and have a unique experience each time. This is because the game comes with 72 picture tiles that match up, so that’s a lot of potential combinations. The main draw for features in this game is that it encourages matching skills in children. It is also not an especially heavy game, so you can take it with you anywhere in order to help out children whenever you have a smooth surface and a little bit of time on your hands.

3. Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-o Board Game

Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-o Board Game

The Cherry-O game is appropriate for beginning preschoolers due to its simplicity. The game has players going back and forth to pick different fruit from trees to then put in their basket. The game is over when a player has completely filled their basket with the fruit cards. Features for the game include that it is highly colorful and effective for teaching counting and other math skills. It teaches learning from adversity due to the spilled bucket space which makes them begin again, or other obstacle spaces such as the dog or bird space which makes them bring their cherries back. The goal is to get 10 cherries, but there are other options on the tree, so this helps to force counting skills.

2. Wonder Forge Richard Scarry’s Busytown

Wonder Forge Richard Scarry's Busytown

BusyTown has a long board and a simple spinner for choosing how many spaces to move along it. The game is essentially a race through the world of BusyTown. It’s a long board at over 6 feet in length! As far as features go, a big selling point of the game is that it’s easy to play. The instructions are outlined in a straightforward way, and it should be no problem to teach young children how everything works just by demonstrating it to them. This helps since you don’t want to risk losing the attention of children. You will help them learn working together, noticing fine points and skills related to matching.

1. Hasbro Gaming Candy Land: Kingdom of Sweet Adventures

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land: Kingdom of Sweet Adventures

CandyLand is a classic game, and this version of it is even more focused on being friendly to children. It’s essentially a race to get to the center of the castle, including many sweets along the way. The game pieces are ginger bread men, which also makes it fun for children. Beneficial features the game include that there isn’t any reading required in order to play, which makes it particularly well-suited to very young children who haven’t had the chance to learn to read yet. It can help engage and prepare them for these skills later down the road as a result.