Top 8 Car Battery Chargers Reviews 2019 Reviews

Everyone knows that feeling when you turn the key in a vehicle and it won’t start. Having a reliable battery charger handy can help get you back on the road or water without ruining your fun. Here are a few reviews of the best car battery chargers that you can buy.

8. Schumacher Automatic Battery Charger

Schumacher Automatic Battery Charger

The Schumacher is a fully automatic engine starter and battery charger. Featuring a 50A engine start, this charger is designed for rugged use and includes a 10A boost mode. It is controlled with a microprocessor to automatically adjust the amperage rate as well as the charges to give you more battery life, safety, and precision. With reverse hook-up protection, this charger won’t work if the clamps are reversed preventing damage to the charger and the battery. It comes with a heavy-duty steel case and is DOE compliant meeting the highest in industry standards.


  • DOE compliant
  • 50A engine start
  • 10A boost mode
  • Microprocessor controlled

7. DEWALT Bench Battery Charger

DEWALT Bench Battery Charger

With an 80 Amp Engine Start, the DeWalt Bench Battery Charger includes a ton of features in this dual battery charger. Great for beginners or professionals, this charger comes with a USB port, a 120V AC outlet, and battery clamps. It includes a reverse polarity alarm that will let you know when you have an incorrect connection. You get three stages charging with the DeWalt that will also switch automatically from fast charge down to top-off and then to trickle charge. With the dual battery charging capability, you get two charging banks so you can charge two 12-volt batteries at the same time.


  • USB port
  • 120V AC outlet
  • 80 Amp engine start
  • Dual battery charging capability

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6. Ampeak Smart Battery Charger

Ampeak Smart Battery Charger

This 12-volt battery charger features an intelligent microprocessor that can monitor the voltage level as soon as the charger is connected. The Ampeak Charger is easy to handle and comfortable to hold with great ergonomics that lessen cramps and aches. It also features a winter charging mode that is epically designed for charging batteries in winter condition to give you perfect charging and a long battery life.
With the microprocessor, you get added safety protection along with multi-stage charging for additional battery life, safety, and precision. Plus, the LCD display is easy to read so can keep track of any errors, voltage, current, and charging status.


  • 2A / 8A / 15A / Auto charging rate
  • Specially designed to charge in winter weather
  • Advanced LCD Display
  • Complete 6-step Charging Program

5. BLACK & DECKER Bench Battery

BLACK & DECKER Bench Battery

This fully automatic 15 Amp Bench Battery comes with a 40A Engine start to get you back out on the road. Delivering three-stage charging, it switches automatically from a fast charge down to a trick charge. The Black & Decker Bench Battery is perfect for snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn tractors, and jet skis or anything that sits for months without use. With a digital LCD screen, the Black & Decker can display the battery and charging status with simple to understand icons. This charger also gets rid of the need to use manual input settings and can charge almost 40 percent faster than other chargers on the market.


  • 40-amp engine start
  • CEC Compliant and ETL Certified
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Digital LCD Screen

4. BLACK & DECKER BM3B Battery Charger/Maintainer

BLACK & DECKER BM3B Battery Charger/Maintainer

This high-frequency battery charger is great for charging up batteries on stored vehicles during the offseason. The BLACK & DECKER BM3B works on classic and antique cars, RVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, and personal watercraft. It can also charge either 12-volt or 6-volt batteries with a simple slide of the voltage selector. The BLACK & DECKER BM3B stops charging automatically when you have topped off or fully charged the battery. It also includes built-in circuit protection guards that prevent short-circuiting, reverse polarity, and overcharging.


  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Built-in mounting bracket
  • Maintains 12 volt and 6 volt AGM, GEL and WET batteries
  • ETL certified

3. NOCO Genius Battery Charger

NOCO Genius Battery Charger

One of the most advanced and safest battery chargers on the market, the NOCO G3500 charges wither 6-volt, 12-volt, and Lithium batteries. This 3.5 Amp Battery Charger works well on deep-cycle, RV, marine, and automotive batteries. Charging two times faster than typical battery chargers, the NOCO can actually repair a damaged battery and was created to use with CANBUS electrical systems and micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles. Using an onboard microcomputer, the NOCO is able to monitor battery activity for efficient and safe charging, it also minimizes how much energy you use automatically and gives you safety protection with overcharge protection, reverse polarity, and spark-proof technology.


  • Portable and super compact
  • Can be used on 120-volt 50-60Hz electrical systems
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Can be used all types of 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid batteries

2. Battery Tender Plus Battery Charger

Battery Tender Plus Battery Charger

This 1.25-amp battery charger can fully charge a battery at the right storage voltage without worrying about effects that can be caused by trickle chargers. Faster than other 3-amp chargers on the market, the Battery Tender Plus comes with a quick connect harness that lets you get to those hard to reach areas. It also comes equipped with a six-foot Ac power cord, a 4 ½ foot DC output cord, and a 1 ½ foot DC accessory. The Battery Tender Plus also comes with safety features including reverse polarity protection and can also switch automatically from a full to charge to float charging mode. This is a great charger for all flooded, lead-acid, and sealed maintenance free batteries including gel cell and AGM.


  • Includes a quick connect harness
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • A 4-step charging program
  • A 10-year warranty

1. BMK Smart Battery Charger

BMK Smart Battery Charger

This portable and waterproof battery charger comes with detachable clips and is perfect for marine, mower, boat, and automotive batteries. Including both a DC output and an AC input, this battery charger has a battery capacity that is higher than 15Ah and can also charge batteries over 100Ah. This time-saving battery charger also includes safety features like polarity reverse, overload, and short circuit prevention. Controlled by an MCU controller, the BMK features a 4-stage automatic charging process that will stop when the battery is completely charged. Plus, the LED indicator is easy to read and includes displays indicating different charging statuses.


  • 4 stage automatic charging process
  • LED indicator
  • Weighs 15.87 ounces
  • Lifetime 100% money-back warranty

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