Top 10 Carbon Fiber Hard Hats 2020 Reviews

Hard hats are a safety feature that is typically required for several occupations which include firefighters, electricians and construction workers. Some companies are offering an alternative to the standard plastic hard hat that is lighter and more comfortable for you to wear for long periods of time. This alternate is known as a Carbon fiber hard hat. These hats differ from their conventional counterparts as they are lighter and stronger version without compromising durability.

Carbon fiber hard hats are comprised of innovative designs and light material allowing for a cost-effective alternative to the standard hard hats. This options adds a higher level of comfort and protection workers, enabling them to perform their duties more efficiently and adequately. We have reviewed these available upgraded hard hats and composed a list of what we believe to be the top Carbon Fiber Hard hats of the year.

10. The Dax Cap Hardhat

The Dax Cap Hardhat

Starting off our list is the Dax cap hardhat. The Dax cap hardhat is a fiber reinforced resin hard hat. This hat offers a six point suspension system which provides superior protection against harmful impacts. Featuring a Clarino synthetic leather dome and over-sized ratcheting fitment dial, this hat can easily be adjusted even when the worker is wearing his or her gloves. The Dax Cap Hardhat is considered an innovative alternative to the standard hard hat. However, some customers have complained that the head gear can be a little bit uncomfortable and has the tendency to snag one’s hair at times causing irritation and frustration.

9. The CJ Safety Full Brim Fiber Glass Hard Hat

The CJ Safety Full Brim Fiber Glass Hard Hat

Number nine of our list is the CJ Safety full brim hard hat. This hard hat is made of fiberglass allowing it to be strong and durable. Contrary to many stronger hard hats, the CJ Safety hat is extremely lightweight offering you easier movements and more comfortable protection. This hat also has a full brim all the way around; which provides additional protection against any falling debris and weather elements that you may encounter while working. Easily adjustable for added individual comfort, this hat comes with a replaceable soft brow pad, suspensions, and headbands. Overall, this a safe and comfortable hard hat is a great buy.

8. The HNTE-Blue/Black Fiberglass Hard Hat

The HNTE-Blue/Black Fiberglass Hard Hat

The HNTE safety helmet is made of HDPE and has Class C fiberglass graphics in blue and black. Equipped with Fast-trap ratchet-style suspension, this hat is simple and quick to adjust for a comfortable fit. A wide brim helps protect your face against debris, sun, and other elements. This hard hat also has vent holes to help reduce sweating of the head in extreme heat. Some customers have complained that this hat can be a bit on the heavier side and may sit lower on your head.

7. The Dax Hard Hat by Lyft

The Dax Hard Hat by Lyft

This Dax hard hat is designed by Lyft and is hand-laid giving it a unique, one of a kind appearance. Featuring a carbon fiber reinforced resin shell, this product provides superior protection against impact of the head. The perforated synthetic leather comfort dome contains a foam insert to add another layer of protection to absorb shock to the top of your head. Easy to adjust and grip, you will not have to remove your work gloves in order to alter the fit for maximum comfort. A liner consisting of moisture-wicking foam and microfiber helps to reduce sweat build-up and keep your head cool when working outside in the sun.

6. The AcerPal Full Brim Hard Hat

The AcerPal Full Brim Hard Hat

In at number six is the full brim hard hat from AcerPal. This hard hat has an adjustable ratchet six-point suspension. It is a durable helmet that provides you a high level of safety and is designed with a graphite black matte pattern. This product has a trendy design and will have you looking great while on the construction site. Although this hat provides extreme protection, some consumers felt that the hat was too tall which led to a certain level of discomfort for them.

5. The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat

Getting us halfway through our list is the MSA Skullgard hard hat. This hard hat is designed with a Skullgard protective cap made of Thermoplastic that helps with regulating the temperature of your head, providing added comfort for those individuals that work outdoors in the summer or in other high-temperature locations such as steel mills. The smooth crown creates a better-looking safety hat than the standard hard hats but is lightweight for added comfort on the job site.

4. The Dax Full Brim Hat

The Dax Full Brim Hat

The safety Dax full brim hard hat from Lift is a carbon fiber hat with an exclusively designed brim grip to provide a more secure feeling fit. The perforated Clarino synthetic leather dome allows a more comfortable feel and the molded EVA foam insert proved an additional layer of protection against shock, The hard hat has an oversized ratcheting fitment dial allowing for easy adjustment even when still wearing your work gloves.

3. The MSA Skullgard Protective Hard Hat

The MSA Skullgard Protective Hard Hat

Hitting our list at number three is the MSA Skullgard Protective Hard Hat. This product is designed to provide protection in hot and dangerous industries by setting the standard for high-temperature environments. MSA Skullgard helmets have been tested to radiant heat loads as hot as 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Features include flush rear lug attachments that eliminate pressure points and three levels of nape strap adjustments to create a more customized fit. Graspable ratchet with smooth rotation and hold. Additionally, included is a ratchet comfort pad that contours to the back of your head helping to improve airflow and prevent the pulling of your hair.

2. The TrueCrest Safety Hard Hat [Best Selling]

The TrueCrest Safety Hard Hat

Coming in at number two on our list is the TrueCrest Safety Hard Hat. This hard hat is made of HDPE and is Hydro Dipped. It has a full brim for added protection from elements and falling debris all around your head and face. This TrueCrest product provides a Fast-Trac ratchet-style suspension for easy and fast size adjustments on the go. Also consisting of a cool airflow system, which are air holes at the top of the helmet to allow better circulation of air underneath the hat keeping your head cool during hot temperatures.

1. The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension [Best Selling]

The MSA Skullgard Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension

The best hard hat that is made of Carbon Fiber for 2019 is the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat with Fas-Trac Suspension. Tested for radiant heats of up to 350 degrees, these specialty hard hats are the perfect safety solution for anyone working in extreme heat conditions. The liner of this hat includes a headband, sweatband, nape and crown straps that can adjust to create a more comfortable and secure fit for your head. Also included is a graspable ratchet that contains comfort pad contours to assist in improving airflow and providing cooling action as well as prevent pulling of your hair. Additionally, this hard hat offers a full brim for added protection all around your head. The MSA Skullgard hat sits high on your head for increased comfort and reduced slipping