Best Clearly Filtered Water Pitchers 2020 Reviews

Water filtering has proved to be the most convenient method of getting your water to desirable drinking quality. Recently, water pitchers have become so popular because they effectively purify water in some ways that no other technique can manage.

8. Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Bottle Replacement Filter

Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Bottle Replacement Filter

This product is a replacement filter that is used on the Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel water bottle. Adsorption media and activated coconut carbon are the proprietary blend in this filter and can last up to 100 gallons. From all the freshwater resources, the filter has a 99.99 percent rating in filtering contaminants.


  • Works instantly as you drink
  • It’s inexpensive and is cost saving when compared to buying bottled water.
  • It has a high rating in filtering fluoride and lead.

7. Clear Genius Reusable Cartridge with Filter Pod SU-11

Clear Genius Reusable Cartridge with Filter Pod SU 11

This is simply a water filtration system that comprises both a reusable cartridge and filter pod. The system is used together with Pur, Clear Genius, and Brita water pitchers. Clear Genius Reusable Cartridge turns the tap water into great tasting healthy drinking water. The cartridge contains ion exchange resin and activated carbon that aid in the filtration process.


  • It is cheap
  • It has a reusable cartridge.

6. Brita, Water Pitcher with 1 Filter, Hydro, BPA Free, Chili Red

Brita 10 Cup Stream Filter as You Pour

Stream filter is one of the unique products that employ Filter-As-You-Pour technology, which allows you to have great-tasting water much faster than many topwater pitchers in the market. The filter can serve up to 40 gallons before replacing it. Unfortunately, the Brita Stream pitcher is only compatible with Brita Stream filters.


  • Allows for a quick filtration process
  • Cost-saving
  • Has an electronic filter indicator
  • No pre-soak

5. Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

If you are looking for the best water pitcher in the market, look no further than this clearly filtered water pitcher. When using this special water pitcher, you are sure of water that is 99.99 % free from contaminants, including chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, and many more.


  • The high-quality filtration process
  • Easy to set up, fill and use

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4. QuickPour Airtight Pitcher with Locking Spout Japanese Made

QuickPour Airtight Pitcher with Locking

If you are looking to own the best pitchers in the market, QuickPour can be an excellent choice. The pitcher has a unique design for easy handling. Just with a single hand, you can pick the pitcher from your fridge, open it, pour yourself a cup, and close. You can term this as simplicity at its best.


  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Quick filtration process

3. pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer By Invigorated Water

pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer

Did you know that taking purified alkaline ionized water improves your health simply by detoxifying the body? That is true, which is why you need a pH RESTORE pitcher by your side. As a bonus, drinking water purified through this special system can increase your metabolism rate, which later aids in weight loss.


  • Has a digital gauge that shows when it is time to change the filter
  • Comes with two long-lasting filters

2. Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Pitcher

Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Pitcher

Do you know that ingesting impurities such as cadmium, copper, and mercury over a long period can adversely affect your health? Luckily, Brita designed this 10 cup, BPA-free water pitcher certified to reduce mercury, cadmium, and copper from the water. This water pitcher’s filter can serve up to 40 gallons of water.


  • BPA-free pitcher
  • Has a volumetric filter indicator.
  • Available in multiple colors

1. The Alkaline Water Pitcher – 2.5 Liters

The Alkaline Water Pitcher 2.5 Liters

Being among the best water pitchers in the market, This Alkaline Water Pitcher features at our top 8 as the best due to several reasons. More importantly, you need to understand that the unique water pitcher consists of a 7-stage premium cartridge that is a blend of carbon, mineral balls, tourmaline, and ion exchange resin.


  • Instant purifier
  • Has a unique design

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Water Pitcher

Level of Purification – you need to understand that purification varies with the filtration technique used. Single carbon filtration is the lowest level of purification, followed by dual carbon filtration, while reverse osmosis is the highest.

Price – If you are under a tight budget, you will appreciate that water filter pitchers vary about the required level of purification.

Space – Ideally, you find the right pitcher to suit the desired position you have for it. While there are pitchers that require space beneath the sink, the faucet-mounted purifiers are ideal for the faucet, while others fit well in the refrigerator.

Use – While these water purifiers come in different sizes, a single pitcher definitely will not be able to cater to the water needs of a larger family.


The need for pure, fresh, clean drinking water is resolute. Better yet, it is life, but as society finds a solution to the bottled water menace, water pitchers have shown great promise, and it has gained much popularity with time. As you search for the best product to serve your needs, this article will be a great guide in your quest for clean, great-tasting water.