Top 10 Craftsman Router Tables 2020 Reviews

A router table can be the beginning of a perfect project for cabinet makers or any finish carpenter who works with molding and other wood trim. High-ceilinged rooms with perfectly constructed crown molding and wainscot walls can add a bit of elegance to an otherwise dull room.​ Break up the boredom of that plain wall with a routed chair rail, or choose an intricate design of wood or wallpapered panels with beveled, chamfer, convex, cove, ogee, or double Roman ogee edges. Your only limit is your imagination and your router’s capabilities. Therefore, we will attempt to eliminate one of these limitations by providing you the information on the top ten Craftsman router tables to buy. We will count these down in descending order from the number ten table, which is still very reliable to our top recommended router table at number one.

10. Product Description – Kreg Bench Top Router PRS2100 Table & Essential Accessories

Product Description – Kreg Bench Top Router PRS2100 Table & Essential Accessories

This benchtop table router has an industrial capacity fence, an adjustable face, with dust collection, cam clamps, and vertical jointing. The MDF table comes with a 16″ x 24″ extra-large easy-slide surface, which sits on a heavy-duty, wide-stance steel stand to provide broadened stability.


  • Pack of two (2) Kreg True-Flex Feather board
  • The Kreg Multi-Purpose Switch Router Table
  • Set of 7 Set Up Bars Kreg Precision Router Table
  • 5-Piece Kreg Twist-Lock Ring Set
  • MDF top with full-sized insert place and three Level-Loc rings

9. Product Description – KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table

Product Description – KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table

The Kreg PRS1045 24″ x 32″ router table comes with a router insert plate and three (3) Level-Loc molded reducing rings. Easily assembled with multiple additional features that improve this excellent router table. Using the router base plate and template, you can mount the router insert plate (included) to any router. The fence utilizes an aluminum L-shaped extrusion that has two (2) wholly independent fence faces that give zero-clearance structured support.


  • The multi-purpose, adjustable steel stand goes from 31 up to 39 inches in height
  • Heavy gauge steel frame
  • Easy to adjust and use solid router fence
  • The precision tabletop made of MDF and covered in an easy-slide, high-pressure laminate includes a miter channel/T-slot, which works with an extensive choice of accessories

8. Product Description – Kreg Bench Top PRS2100 Router Table

Product Description – Kreg Bench Top PRS2100 Router Table

The Precision Bench Top Router Table by Kreg provides features that give this router table all the capabilities of a full-sized, industrial-quality router table included within this portable package. When you can’t choose between a compact table for the shop or a high-quality job site router, why choose? The Precision PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table gives you the best of both worlds, and it is the perfect solution for your routing projects.


  • Anodized-aluminum fence
  • The rubber feet on the steel stand are vibration-dampening
  • The reinforced MDF 16″ x 24″ top is edge-banded
  • The vacuum shroud provides an uncluttered workplace

7. Product Description – SKIL RAS800 Router Table

Product Description – SKIL RAS800 Router Table

This RAS800 router table is pre-assembled with a laminated MDF benchtop and has an integrated storage bag for accessories. The Skill router table’s structure is self-contained and provides plenty of storage space for parts, such as router bits and the fence. Enclosed with the Skil RAS800 are the feather board, a guard, bit inserts, and a miter gauge. The efficient folding table design allows for quick, minimal setup so that the table is pre-assembled and quickly folds down for storage. This feature permits stability and convenience, which makes the router table an excellent choice for the DIYer.


  • Comes with an accessory storage holder for the router table accessories
  • The bit height gauge assists with setup and cutting accuracy
  • The guard support and starter pin help with routing any curved edge
  • The Skil RAS800 weighs only 22 pounds to make it genuinely portable yet sturdy in a self-contained structure

6. Product Description – Skil RAS900 Router Table

Product Description – Skil RAS900 Router Table

There’s no assembly required with this router table. The Skil RAS900 arrives pre-assembled and includes an integrated storage bag for your router’s accessories, like bits, sandpaper, and other tools. The large laminated MDF bench top holds two (2) feather boards for more reliable cuts. This self-contained router table allows the storage of parts such as the router bits and fence. The Skil RAS900 has two feather boards, bit inserts, a miter gauge, guard, plus the tall, adjustable fence and laminated MDF face.


  • Two (2) feather boards
  • The router mount quick-release detaches or attaches within seconds
  • The pre-assembled router table provides easy setup and folds down completely for storage
  • This sturdy and stable router table is perfect for the DIY in all of us

5. Product Description – Goplus Aluminum Electric Craftsman Router Table & Wood Working Bench Top

Product Description – Goplus Aluminum Electric Craftsman Router Table & Wood Working Bench Top

This Craftsman router table adapts your router into a stationary power tool, thus making your woodworking projects more manageable. The table has more than ample working space. In most cases, there’s no need to buy new router bits, as you can use most any bits with this router table. The Goplus offers precise miter gauging for predictably straight cuts. This versatile yet affordable router table is perfect for most woodworkers, whatever your project.


  • A durable 450 square inch aluminum work area
  • Adjustable extension table
  • The transparent guard moves freely without binding
  • The router table’s dust ports keep your work area clean and clutter-free

4. Product Description – Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable TableTop Saw

Product Description – Rockwell Blade Runner X2 Portable TableTop Saw

This all-new Rockwell BladeRunner RK7323 X2 is an ultimate cutting machine. With an updated version that now gives better control and capacity. This new X2 is portable with the added tabletop handle, bigger rip fence, hold-down guard, and wider cutting splitter. It is more convenient and versatile than the old BladeRunner X2 from Rockwell.


  • Uses the standard t-shank jigsaw blade
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Quick and easy rips and crosscuts
  • Built-in carrying handle

3. Product Description – DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity (DWE7491RS)

Product Description – DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw with 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity (DWE7491RS)

The DeWalt makes every fence adjustment smooth, fast, and meticulously accurate with a rack & pinion system that allows 32 ½-inch rip capacity to provide broader and longer shelf and trim materials. With a 15-amp motor, it easily rips hardwood quickly and accurately. The fence rail telescopes to promptly extend or retract into a portable package. The saw allows a 3 1/8″ depth cut to 90 degrees with quick cleanup through efficient vacuum dust extraction.


  • The 10″ job site table saw has a 32 1/2″ rip capacity
  • Perfect cuts every time
  • Offers unsurpassed portability and functionality
  • Easily rip carpet filler board, floorboards, deck boards, wainscoting, and rail caps, plus much, much more

2. Product Description – Bosch Benchtop RA1181 Router Table

Product Description – Bosch Benchtop RA1181 Router Table

The Bosch benchtop RA1181 router table gives you a large work area for versatility and precision cuts. The large aluminum benchtop is both portable and durable. This Bosch benchtop design fits a wide variety of routers. This indispensable router table is so versatile; it is a piece of equipment you would want in any woodworking shop. The sturdy aluminum router’s mounting plate comes pre-drilled to assure compatibility with other routers.


  • The tall aluminum fence has adjustable MDF faceplates
  • The 22.8 x 18 x 14.5-inch router table weighs only 30 pounds
  • Sturdy aluminum router mounting plates
  • Adjustable Clear Guards

1. Product Description – SKIL 10″ Table Saw (3410-02) with Folding Stand

Product Description – SKIL 10

This Skil table saw is perfect for your DIY projects. You can tackle bigger designs and projects around your home with this 10″ Table Saw. Rip longer boards to the desired width, bevel or miter smaller pieces more accurately with this powerful Skil table saw that features a 3 ½” height cut capacity. Your self-aligning fence allows you to rip through bigger boards with an EZ View system of measurement.


  • 20″ x 26″ cast aluminum table capable of extending to 32″ to accommodate longer pieces
  • 3 ½” height cut capacity allows four times the material cut
  • Easy transport and setup with heavy-duty steel legs
  • More accurate measurements with its self-aligning fence
  • Carbide-Tooth Blades