Top 10 Gel Cushions 2020 Reviews

Gel cushions are a great way to add comfort to any seating arrangement. They are portable and can be carried from place to place. Generally, they are made from silicone gel and viscoelastic foam. The gel provides the shape and depth; adding a deep firm cushion that discourages pressure spots. The foam adds breathable and soft comfort. These cushions can be used in wheelchairs, office chairs and any place you want to take them such as sporting and other events. They add support and an ergonomic shape to help with posture and orthopedic needs. They stay cool and hold their shape to eliminate squashing or going flat like regular foam cushions or pillows. There are different kinds and options so it is important to find the cushion that is just right for you. Here we are giving you a top 10 countdown to help you make the right choice.

10. Angushy Gel Seat Cushion, 1.65 inch Double Layer Egg Gel Cushion

Angushy Gel Seat Cushion, 1.65 inch Double Layer Egg Gel Cushion

Adopting more than 500 flexible pressure balancing honeycomb grids, the Angushy Seat Cushion disperses the pressure and will easily fit in almost any chair. The honeycomb gel grid provides both maximum comfort, and breathability so heat buildup isn’t a problem. All kinds of pain caused by sitting too long can be reduced by using this cushion. As an added bonus it comes with a washable, non-slip cloth cover.


  • Designed like a Honeycomb
  • Breathable and Cooling
  • Helps to Relieve Pain
  • Widely Applicable
  • Magnetic No-slip Cover

9. Double Thick Egg Seat Cushion by Cclub

Double Thick Egg Seat Cushion by Cclub

This seat cushion is made with Ultra-flex polymer gel for one of the most comfortable seating situations and with its honeycomb design, you can get maximum comfort and overheating won’t be a problem. It provides pain and pressure relief when sitting for extended periods of time. It is durable and lightweight to give you long term use. Comfort and support won’t be a problem wherever you need it.


  • Honeycomb Flexible Grip Design
  • Cooling Comfort and Pressure Relief
  • Resiliently Durable
  • Anti-Seat Sweat
  • Washable and Lightweight Portability

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8. Thick Double Gel Seat Cushion by Suptempo

Thick Double Gel Seat Cushion by Suptempo

This thick double gel seat cushion is designed with your comfort and support in mind. It has excellent resistance to flattening from long term usage and a 1-year customer satisfaction guarantee. It has a sleek and lightweight design that makes it a perfect travel companion. As an added bonus it’s machine washable.


  • Designed for Comfort and Support
  • Long-term Flexibility
  • Cooling Technology
  • Easily Cleaned and Portable
  • One Year Guarantee included

7. BulbHead Egg Sitter Seat Cushion

BulbHead Egg Sitter Seat Cushion

BulbHead’s Seat Cushion is unlike any other seat cushion. Made with strength, durability, and support in mind. It can fit almost any chair for deep-seated pressure relief. Flexible honeycomb design provides long term cooling comfort. It measures 15x 16.5-inch and it can be used in any chair. Included is a non-slip cover.


  • Widely Applicable
  • Cooling Honeycomb Design
  • Durable Shape Retention
  • Cushion non-slip cover included

6. Plixio Gel Seat Cushion Memory Foam Chair Pillow

Plixio Gel Seat Cushion Memory Foam Chair Pillow

The Plixio cushion is designed to help with the pain of sciatica and take the pressure off of the lower back and the tailbone. It is made with a U shaped cut out to alleviate the discomfort from sitting for long periods of time. Made from cooling gel and memory foam to give you comfort for extended periods of time. This cushion measures 18” x 14” x 3” and is easily carried with you to work or for travel.


  • Washable cover
  • Anti-skid bottom
  • Carry Handle
  • Full One Year Warranty

5. Vive Wheelchair Cushion

Vive Wheelchair Cushion

This pillow has layers of added comfort; starting with a supportive foam that will not go flat. Then there is a fluid-filled core to distribute weight across the whole surface. This will alleviate pressure sores and added comfort. It is large enough to cover the whole seating area and will fit most standard wheelchairs and office chairs. It has a soft water-resistant cover.


  • Waterproof seal
  • Optimal Size
  • Non-Flattening foam
  • 60-day unconditional guarantee

4. Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam

Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam

The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam cushion has numerous features that make it a good choice for a seat cushion. This cushion is gel-infused and ventilated to help keep you supported, cool, and comfortable. The foam perfectly conforms to your shape and keeps heat and pressure at a minimum. The Everlasting Comfort Cushion comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. And a machine washable cover.


  • 100% Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Ventilated Design Keeps you cool
  • Perfectly fits 18-inch wheelchair seats
  • Works with almost any chair, bench, or seat
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

3. Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion

Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion

The Kieba Coccyx Seat Cushion is a very nice answer to the issue of staying comfortable and supported when staying seated for a long period of time. The memory foam and gel layered cushion is soothing and provides incredible support and comfort where you need it. The cushion is designed to help relieve pain and reduce tension in the lower back, spine, hips and tailbone areas. This cushion will provide comfort and support in any chair, bench, or wheelchair.


  • Foam and Gel Layered Design
  • Durable Therapeutic Grade Foam and Gel
  • Helps to promote good posture
  • Removable, Machine Washable Cover
  • Helps to relieve pressure on the spine
  • Large Surface Area

2. Perfect Cushion Memory Foam and Gel Seat Cushion

Perfect Cushion Memory Foam and Gel Seat Cushion

This cushion features a multilayer design and offers both comfort and support. It has a layer of gel sandwiched between two layers of soft foam. This cushion also has a cut-away portion to help relieve pressure on the tailbone as well as reduce aches and pains from prolonged periods of sitting. The cushion cover has a Sherpa fleece top and a non-slip bottom. The built-in handle makes it easy to take on the go.


  • Unique Foam and Gel Design
  • Machine Washable Cover
  • Light and Portable
  • Easy Carrying Handle
  • Both Comfortable and Supportive
  • Tailbone Cutaway

1. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat cushion is an incredible option when it comes to the issue of gel seat cushions. The ComfiLife’s cushion has a non-slip rubber bottom and a carrying handle for transport. The cushions cover is machine washable as well as zippered to keep the gel cushion clean and secure. The cushions ergonomic design provides ample support and comfort. It is also is covered by a full money-back guarantee.


  • Machine Washable Zippered Cover
  • Non-Slip Rubber Cushion Bottom
  • Easy Carrying Handle
  • Money-Back Guarantee