Top 8 Golf Cart Wheels and Tires 2019 Reviews

When playing golf, individuals have to carry several heavy clubs that they interchange to make custom shots. Even though professional caddies do a good job, having a quality golf cart around is a better decision. Most models are light and easy to use on all terrains. They are also durable and have reinforced designs that support significant loads outdoors. Unfortunately, as their tires wear down, the risk of slipping and injury is a key threat. They also become harder to maneuver and lose their weight lifting ability over time. If you have noticed that your golf cart has these major issues, it is time you bought a new wheel and tire.

8. Golf Cart Tire

Golf Cart Tire

Retailing as a set of four 12-inch golf cart tires, this product is a valuable replacement for the stock tires that come with most carts. The thick aluminum rims (gunmetal) offered are durable. The DOT tires offered are also durable and made of a premium rubber that works well on both smooth and rugged terrain. Overall, all wheels are 20-inches tall (ground to top). Well setup, users can explore the toughest of terrains of gold courses with minimal issues. Each wheel comes with four chrome lug nuts.


  • Long lasting 12-inch tires
  • 20-inch overall height
  • Thick aluminum rims
  • Rust resistant chrome lug nuts
  • Stunning aggressive look

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7. Golf Cart All Terrain Tires

Golf Cart All Terrain Tires

Even though you need a lift kit to install these Golf Cart tires, their value makes the inconvenience worthwhile. Attainable as a combo set (tire and wheel), these tires come ready to use. Once you have checked pressure and ascertained that it is correct, you can fit them on your cart and start using it immediately. Rims are durable and machined to improve their performance. They also have aesthetic black themes and unique all-terrain designs that most individuals appreciate. Overall, all golf cart wheels and tires are 23-inches long, fit all 4-bolt hubs, and have chrome lug nuts.

  • Fit all four bolt hubs
  • All-terrain 23-inch designs
  • Have rustproof chrome lugs
  • Durable machined wheels

6. Golf Cart Tire Supply (10-inches)

Golf Cart Tire Supply

Even though smaller (10-inches) that some tires listed, Golf Cart Tire Supply is a professional-grade set of machines wheels. Retailing as a set of four, they are affordable. The tires and wheels offered are also durable and have aesthetic center caps (chrome) that golfers appreciate. Lugs nuts are rustproof chrome models. Top to ground height is approximately 18-inches, while their Street Treads (DOT-approved) work well on most terrains. If you have four bolt hubs, do not hesitate to purchase this product.


  • 10-inch rubber tires
  • Machined wheels
  • Rust proof chrome lug nuts
  • Convenient 18-inch height (combo)
  • All terrain street treads (DOT-approved)

5. Golf Cart Tire Supply (10-inch)

Golf Cart Tire Supply

With this set, you get four machined wheels with tires (10-inches), each measuring 22-inches high (combo). Black-theme, they have a stylish outlook. The aggressive all-terrain tires offered ride smoothly on and off-road, while the chrome lug nuts offered are professional-grade. They do not rust easily, for instance. They also grip tightly to maximize the performance of these tires. All these tires are brand new and designed to fit on most 4-bolt hubs.


  • Brand new tires
  • 22-inch high designs
  • Perfect for off-road use
  • Aggressive all-terrain threads
  • Compatible with most 4-bolt hubs

4. Golf Cart Tire Supply (10-inch)

Golf Cart Tire Supply

As far as performance is essential when shopping for golf cart tires, do not sacrifice comfort. With an advanced set such as this one, you get both attributes in an affordable package. The 10-inch tires used are durable all-terrain ones that grip most surfaces well. The polished aluminum wheels offered are also durable and have a stylish outlook that boosts the value of golf carts. All tires are bullet-machined, DOT-approved for outdoor use, and have 18-inch high designs with chrome center caps.


  • DOT-approved
  • Ready to use
  • Heavy-duty rubber
  • Polished aluminum wheels
  • All-terrain 18-inch high designs
  • Aesthetic center caps (chrome)

3. WANDA (8-inch)


WANDA is a reputable tire maker with several durable products in its arsenal. If you are shopping for tires for your golf cart, for instance, this set of four black steel tires is ideal. The low profile tires offered (8-inches) are both charming and durable. Rims, on the other hand, are large 10-inch models that withstand abuse well. These tires are affordable, well setup, and have deep turn safe tire treads that improve the performance of golf carts.


  • Durable turn safe tire treads
  • Medium-sized 18-inch designs
  • Durable rubber tires (low profile)
  • Aesthetic black theme
  • Set up and ready to use
  • Reasonably priced

2. Slasher Golf Cart Tires

Slasher Golf Cart Tires

Do you have a Yamaha, Club car, or EZGO golf cart that you use often? To get a quality set of tires that will improve its performance on golf courses, this set of four Slasher tires is ideal. Measuring 18×8.50-8, all tires are large and professional-grade. They also Turf Safe, DOT-approved for outdoor use, and come mounted, pumped, and ready to use.


  • Come ready to use
  • DOT-approved
  • Turn Safe threads
  • Stylish white-theme wheels
  • Large and professional-grade designs

1. Pit Bull Golf Cart Tires

Pit Bull Golf Cart Tires

With this set of gold cart tires from Pit Bull, you get two 10-inch tall and 3-inch wide accessories that ride smoothly. Hub depth is approximately 2-inches. The quality two-ply tube used lasts long, while their double rims withstand abuse well. At 30psi, each Pit Bull golf cart tire can support loads weighing up to 300 pounds.


  • All terrain 10-inch by 3-inch tires
  • Durable double rims
  • Long-lasting two-ply tubes
  • 300-pound load limit at 30 psi


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