Husqvarna Concrete Saws 2020 Reviews

For anyone working with heavy duty construction materials, such as concrete, a heavy duty concrete cutter is needed. However, not just any concrete saw will get the job done with safety and ease, which is why one of the top name brands and products in the industry happens to be the Husqvarna concrete saw.

What makes this product superior to most other concrete cutter brands is the fact that Husqvarna’s saws are known for their robust design and their reliability. Why can’t we use any brand for cutting concrete? In our experience, most heavy duty concrete construction jobs are done in some of the toughest weather conditions. We found the Husqvarna power cutter design incredible due to its power to weight ratio and low vibration level, which is often the cause of fatigue and low productivity.

While it is clear that we are slightly biased towards the Husqvarna power cutter, we wanted to provide you with our review of the top 10 concrete cutter saws.

10. Husqvarna K3000 Wet Electric Power Cutter

Husqvarna K3000 Wet Electric Power Cutter

Since you already know that we love Husqvarna’s products, we still wanted to give some of their models a good test drive since they do have different models and designs for different types of concrete jobs. What really helped us with this part of the review is that we happen to have a specialty contractor on our team who often works with different materials. What he loves about this model is that it is great for cutting a variety of materials indoors and in those smaller, more confined areas where a gas power cutter cannot be used. With any construction job, safety comes first so we absolutely love this model as well because you can easily get your short jobs done quickly and safely. Especially with its ability to make quick blade changes when alternating between both wet and dry materials. The saw runs with 120-volt electric motor and allows for jobs that require up to a 5-inch cutting depth and can handle up to a 14 inch blade size.

9. Hilti DSH 700 14” Hand Held Gas Saw

Hilti DSH 700 14” Hand Held Gas Saw

This power cutter is somewhat similar to the previous one in terms of maximum depth and saw size. It is also a handheld model, it has a high-performance engine, an air filter, choke and gas control capability, a three-point vibration absorbing system, and it can be used for wet or dry concrete jobs. We really like the fact that this power cutter is comparable to the Husqvarna model in terms of features and of course due to the 20-year limited warranty on it. The obvious drawback is that it is gas powered and therefore it cannot be used in smaller spaces. However, there is something to be said about the cutting power of a gas-powered saw.

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8. Makita 4114X 14” Electric Angle Cutter with 14” Diamond Blade

Makita 4114X 14” Electric Angle Cutter with 14” Diamond Blade

Makita is also a good name brand in the construction industry. This concrete power cutter is similar to the others with its ability to cut up to 5 inches and has a 14 inch saw capacity. It does carry a lot of the same features as the other power cutters on our list, however, it does carry a feature that we absolutely loved while taking it for a test drive on some of our jobs. It’s winning feature, in our humble opinion, is the angled cutter with a diamond blade because of its ability to provide an additional 25% of cutting capacity. It also has a removable tool base to make it easier for those smaller, trickier cuts. This is an electric model and priced over $300 below the comparable Hilti and Husqvarna models.

7. Metabo HPT CM75EBP 14-Inch Gas Powered Cut-Off Saw

Metabo HPT CM75EBP 14-Inch Gas Powered Cut-Off Saw

The Metabo is another good option at a pretty decent price point. Some of the features we like on this saw is its 75cc PureFure two-stroke engine, the fact that it comes with an abrasive wheel, and of course the water kit! We found it felt similar to the Husqvarna concrete cutter and is priced around $200 less than the Husqvarna model.

6. Husqvarna K970 16″ Power Cutter

Husqvarna K970 16

For those bigger jobs, this Husqvarna power cutter is incredible. It allows for a blade up to 16 inches and has a cutting depth of up to 6 inches. We loved it’s easy start feature and the fact that it uses a digital ignition system. It has a semi-automatic belt tensioning system to help control the tension. We also found it to be very sturdy and easy to use despite its size and required less servicing compared to the other models. It weighs just over 25 pounds and has an ergonomic design making it super comfortable to use for longer periods of time. One final thing we loved is the fact that it does absorb the vibrations well and the sound pressure levels are quite good too. It isn’t the cheapest model but the features more than outweigh its $1599 price tag.

5. SKILSAW SPT79A-10 7″ Walk Behind Worm Drive for Concrete


This a Skilsaw walk-behind model can be used for smaller, heavy duty concrete jobs and is much easier on the body. The saw has a 2-inch maximum cutting depth with a 7-inch maximum blade capacity. We really liked this model because of the fact it is great for chasing long cracks, however, because it is a walk-behind model, it does require a little maneuvering to successfully chase longer cracks. Another great thing about this walk-behind model is the fact that it can cut both wet and dry as well. It also has affordable handle which makes it super easy to store and transport. The price point and features make this saw great for a very specific types of concrete jobs without breaking your back in the process.

4. SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp MEDUSAW Worm Drive Saw for Concrete with 7″ Blade

SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp MEDUSAW Worm Drive Saw for Concrete with 7

This concrete tool has some pretty cool features. We really liked the fact that it is a worm drive saw which worked really great on our tile projects, especially with its rolling foot plate. It also has a wet dust management system built-in and a dust collection vacuum. When it comes out of the box it is cut ready with rust resistant brackets and fasteners, which protects the saw since we used it in a number of wet concrete jobs. It does have some aftermarket attachments that can be purchased separately, however, its out-of-the box features make it a great option for smaller jobs and we definitely love the price point!

3. Makita 4100KB 5″ Dry Masonry Saw, with Dust Extraction

Makita 4100KB 5

For granite jobs we decided to purchase and take this saw for a test spin and we found that it works really great as a dry saw. For less than $200, this saw is perfect for the smaller heavy-duty, around the house home improvements. It also has a guide rail adapter built-in to make smaller jobs smooth and easy.

2. Husqvarna 966037901 K 770 Gasoline Grinder

Husqvarna 966037901 K 770 Gasoline Grinder

What sets this Husqvarna power cutter apart from the rest of their models, is the fact that it’s gas powered. You’re obviously going to get a much more powerful product packed with all of the same features as the other Husqvarna concrete saws. We obviously loved the power of this model but what really made our review more complete was the fact that we took it out of the box and immediately put it to work without issue.

1. Evolution DISCCUT1 12″ Disc Cutter, Orange

Evolution DISCCUT1 12

Last but not least, here’s our review of the Evolution model. It also has a robust design much like the other saws and we found it great for cutting concrete, blocks, and bricks. It comes with a blade with a maximum blade capacity of 12 inches. Priced at $200, we found this model to be safe and economical, really easy to use and to carry around the job site, with a maximum cutting depth of 4 inches. You really cannot go wrong with this smaller concrete saw, especially if you’re on a budget and need something to safely get the job done.