Top 8 Best Inline Water Pumps 2020 Reviews

Are you tired of your old water pumps that are too slow to be effective? Are you looking for a good-quality water pump for your new aquatic hobby? Well, it does not matter if you’re a novice, a beginner, or a professional; we are here to help you. You will no longer have to stress out because of this problem after reading this article. Certainly, there are various types of water pumps to consider, such as automatic electric water pumps, and such. However, this article is only going to review the top 8 best inline water pumps.

The inline water pump works better without having to be submerged in the tank. However, there are countless models of inline water pumps in the market. In our article, we will give you detailed reviews of the top 8 best inline water pumps and a buying guide. Here is a list of factors to consider if you’re looking to buy any water pump.

Buying Guides of Inline Water Pump

Distance: It does not matter if you’re buying the water pump to use at home or for your aquatic displays, distance matters! You will need a powerful pump to move water from your tank to your home if you’re planning to store the pump in the distance or a multi-story property. Generally, if you want your pump to work efficiently, you will need a head pressure of between 20-50 meters to defy gravity and pump your water upwards.

Water Pressure and Noise: The next factor to consider is what kind of pressure you need. It is measured in LPM, and most of the products will come with it in the product description. Make sure to check it! If you plan to use it in the toilet, washing machine, showers, or garden watering, make sure to buy an appropriate pump to meet those needs. You will need to also think about when you have multiple taps operating at the same time. Add up all the water pressure for those locations to compare with the max LPM. Noise also plays a big part. To reduce the noise, you can opt for those that come with a cover or buy an additional cover to protect your machine from elements and keep the noise down.

Energy Usage: You may be tempted to get the most powerful pump there is, we understand. However, keep in mind that you do not know what your electricity bill to break your bank. Water pumps draw energy every time a tap is turned on; thus, the heavy-duty electric water pump is more powerful, the more energy is drawn. Make sure that your ideal pump is powerful enough to meet your needs while being affordable and energy-efficient.

There is also a great deal with many other factors that may be important to you. Thus, make sure that you take all of those into considerations before purchasing the product.

8. Pentair SHURflo 8000-543-236 Automatic-Demand Diaphragm Pump

Pentair SHURflo 8000-543-236 Automatic-Demand Diaphragm Pump

To begin, the 8th best inline water pump on our list is the Diaphragm Pump by SHURFLO. This SHURflo On-Demand Diaphragm Pump is the perfect option if you’re looking for a water pump to use for boats, RVs, and more! The water pump runs quietly without noise disturbance and can easily handle heavy-duty jobs such as agricultural spraying and transfer applications. It is also very flexible and versatile. You can mount in any position, and it will work just fine. It is made with the Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragm for the ultimate anti-corrosion technology. On top of that, the Polypropylene construction makes it even more long-lasting and durable. At max demand, this pump can go up to 12V and 60PSI.


  • Corrosion-free
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Versatile and flexible use

7. SEAFLO 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

SEAFLO 33-Series Industrial Water Pressure Pump

Next on the list is the water pressure pump by SEAFLO. This product is designed for the ultimate quality and ease of use. It comes with an electrical cord that can be connected directly to any power source and it’ll be up and running in no time. It also features a three-chamber high volume design driven by a heavy-duty motor to produce flow rates of 3.3 GPM and 45 PSI. The machine is also capable of self-priming up to 6 vertical feet and can run dry. It also has a built-in pressure switch, anti-airlock protection, on-demand switch, and a dry bilge system. All of these features make it one of the best in the market!


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality construction
  • Extra features for the ultimate performance

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6. Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump by SEAFLO

Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump by SEAFLO

6th on our list, we have the water diaphragm self-priming pump by SEAFLO. This product comes in a package containing 1 diaphragm pump, a set of instructions, barbed hose adaptors, and a 50 mesh inlet strainer. It has a great capacity flow of up 3.0 gallons per minute and a 45 PSI pressure setting. This water pump promises self-priming, smooth and silent operations even when dry! The voltage range is around 12VDC, and the AMPs of up to 6.0 Max. Like any other SEAFLO product, this one also comes with all the necessary and signature features of a good water pump. You will not regret buying this product, we can guarantee you.


  • 4-years warranty
  • Smooth, silent, and powerful performance
  • High-quality construction for better durability

5. WAYNE PC4 1/2 HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump

WAYNE PC4 1/2 HP Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Pump

Following closely, we have the multi-purpose water pump by WAYNE. This 1/2 HP 115-volt transfer water pump can pump water out of flooded basements, tanks, or even boats! If you require a higher pressure line, it can also increase up to 40 pounds/50 PSI and pump up to 1770 gallons of water per hour. The water pump is made from durable cast iron steel. The attached strainer keeps out any material, and the 3/4-inch brass hose connections provide slip-resistant while stay easy to connect to garden hoses and such. This machine does not even require high maintenance! You can use this with ease.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Multi-purpose and versatile
  • High-performance and reliable

4. WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump

WAYNE PC2 Portable Transfer Water Pump

At number 4, we have the portable transfer water pump by the same brand, WAYNE. This is a heavy-duty bronze plated pump that is great for household and utility use. It is also very durable and quiet, with the only 74dBA at a 3 feet distance. The pump’s voltage is around 120V and can pump up to 340 gallons of water per hour at zero feet and 300GPH at 10 feet! The maximum flow is at 410 gallons per hour! With this powerful pump, you can use it for basically any job! It can also be attached to any standard garden hose. You need to clean any air out for maximum suction.


  • Heavy-duty durability
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Portable, versatile and flexible

3. Trupow 115-Volt Mini Portable Electric Utility Sump Transfer Water Pump

Trupow 115-Volt Mini Portable Electric Utility Sump Transfer Water Pump

The third best inline water pump on our list is the Trupow water pump. It is made from durable and reliable materials with metal hose connectors compared to the frail plastic threads in the market. The product is light and portable with a complete impeller replacement kit for the ultimate efficiency. It has a max flow rate of 330GPH with the max delivery height at 39 feet at a 115V-60Hz and 1/10HP. This is the perfect water pump for those who plan to use it around the house or deal with waterbeds, clogged sink, and such. You will be able to remove water down to 1/8″ with the built-in water suction attachment and the hose.


  • Durable material and construction
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • High-performance application

2. SEAFLO 42-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

SEAFLO 42-Series Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

Ranked second, we have the diaphragm pump by SEAFLO. This model is an update from its predecessors with the same raw power and pressure but more adaptable and flexible. It is a compact design for a better fit and easy storage. The water pump is also compatible with different types of unique inlets. It also comes with an internal bypass, self-priming technology, and a check valve! This reduces pump cycling without needing an accumulator tank and performs optimally and quietly under high and low flow. The diaphragm pump can run dry and prime up to 6 vertical feet while operating! Just like any other SEAFLO, it has a 4-year limited warranty.


  • 4 years warranty
  • Powerful and durable performance
  • High max flow, weight, and pressure

1. EXTRAUP Portable Low Suction Electric Water Transfer Removal Utility Pump

EXTRAUP Portable Low Suction Electric Water Transfer Removal Utility Pump

At the number 1 spot, we have the utility pump by EXTRAUP. This has the power of 1/10 HP, the max flow of 330GPH, and the max lift at 39ft. You will be able to use it without worry about draining water heaters, water beds, washing machines, or even filling heating systems! It can remove water down to 1/8″ with a built-in water suction feature. The product will come with a 6′ water hose, one water suction strainer, and an impeller replacement kit for the self-priming pump. With this product, you will no longer have to worry about wasting your money. We can guarantee you that it will perform up to standard.


  • Powerful and reliable
  • Versatile and flexible use
  • Easy to use and necessity package


We hope you will no longer struggle while deciding what model of the inline water pump to buy. We have introduced you to the top 8 best products on the market as well as a comprehensive buying guide. Remember to be very careful and analytical before making your purchase. Think of it as an investment and invest wisely. Happy Shopping!