Top 10 Best LED Lights For Motorcycles 2020 Reviews

When you drive a vehicle, then it is your responsibility to keep it in good condition. While driving a motorcycle, you can ensure your safety by wearing protective gear and appropriate clothing. Still, to improve your experience of driving it, you should also take care of your motorcycle’s lights. You can find different types of lights for motorcycles but LED lights are considered the best for these vehicles. The LED lights for motorcycles can be beneficial for motorcyclists in many ways.

In this write-up, we discuss the benefits of LED lights, things to consider while buying them, and brief reviews of some of the best-LED lights for the motorcycle so that you can choose the most suitable lights for your vehicle.

Reasons to use Best LED Lights for Motorcycles.

LEDs are gaining popularity in day-to-day life as they are used in almost every household these days. Now LED lights are also gaining popularity in the automobile industry. LED lights for motorcycles are used not only in their headlights, but they also have LED lamps in tail light and LED indicators. The main reasons for the increasing use of LED lights in motorcycles may include:

Less consumption of power: The overall consumption of power is very less in LED lights for motorcycles. As compared to filament bulbs, LED lights consume negligible power. Hence they remain cooler than traditional lights used in motorcycles.

Highly Reliable: LED lights for motorcycles are more reliable and long-lasting than traditional bulbs used for this purpose. Traditionally the bulbs used on motorcycle lights were very brittle as they were made of a coil of thin wire and glass, whereas Led lights have a plastic casing to keep the LEDs used in it compact and safe.

The beam of light: The light produced by the traditional auto lights used to spread in all directions, but the LED lights for motorcycles produce a beam of light in which you can concentrate in any direction by adjusting the light source’s direction.

Reproduction of color: When you want to reproduce lights of different colors on your motorcycle, then LED lights for a motorcycle can be the best choice as traditionally used bulbs for this purpose reproduce only white light. You will have to use filters of different colors with the traditional lamps to reproduce colorful lights.

Thus, you can use Led lights for motorcycles for several reasons.

But to buy the best-LED lights for a motorcycle, you will have to consider various factors. These factors are briefly discussed hereunder to help you in this regard.

Things to consider when buying the best-LED lights for motorcycles in 2020

Brightness: The brightness of the LED light for motorcycles is one of the main factors to be considered while buying one. You should check the number of lumens produced by the LED light used in the High Beam setting. You will get brighter light with a high level of lumens. Along with lumens of the light, you should also check the wattage level as some of the LEDs consume lesser wattage to produce a higher number of lumens.

Size: You can find motorcycle lights in different sizes and shapes. While buying LED light for motorcycles, you should ensure that its size should meet the requirements of the light of your motorcycle. It is necessary to buy an LED light of appropriate size for easy fitting in the light of your motorcycle. So, to ensure proper installation of LED light in the headlight of your motorcycle, either you will have to find the light of appropriate size or need to buy suitable housing separately.

Compatibility: While shopping for LED lights for motorcycles, it is another important factor to be considered. You should also ensure the LED light’s compatibility with the headlight of your motorcycle as every light cannot be compatible with it. The LED light you buy should be compatible with the model of your motorcycle.

Certifications: You can ensure the LED light’s reliability for motorcycles by checking their certification along with their size and brightness. Certification from an authentic authority can ensure the safe and lasting use of any product. Your LED light should be certified by SAE, E-Mark, or DOT to validate its performance.

Installation: after finding the best lights for your motorcycle, you will have to install them. The installation of lights can be a big concern for you if you do not have any technical knowledge. But this problem has been resolved by introducing LED lights for motorcycles as anyone can install them easily due to their plug and play design. So you should also check the installation process of the LED lights before buying them.

Additional features: Some of the LED lights producers offer various other features with their products to attract more customers. These features may include the guarantee of being shock resistant, scratchproof and waterproof, etc. Some of them can also allow you to modify your light settings like the level of brightness or modification of color etc. These features can be more beneficial for you if you use your motorcycle very frequently or regularly.

Review of Top 10 LED Lights for Motorcycles in 2020

Buying the best-LED lights for motorcycles may not be easier for you as you can find a wide variety of lights in the market introduced by many popular brands. To help you in this regard, some of the best-LED lights are briefly reviewed in this write-up.

10. 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit by AMBOTHER

12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit by AMBOTHER

While using this LED light kit, you should keep in mind that it can be used only with a 12-volt power supply. This kit includes LED light in 16 static colors to be used for different modes. These LED lights for motorcycles are completely waterproof as they abide by international standards. They can be installed easily because of their super flexible and sticky strips. Along with motorcycles, these LED lights can be used on trucks, cars, and bikes, etc.


  • LED lights wit different modes
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Easy to install
  • Universal usage
  • Customer support

9. Motorcycle LED Lights Kits by Govee

Motorcycle LED Lights Kits by Govee

This LED lights kit includes 96 LEDs of the best quality with extra long wires to decorate your motorcycle conveniently from all sides. This kit includes a remote control like the key of a car to control the brightness and colors of these lights and change the mode of music, etc., remotely. These LEDs are fully sealed to use them easily and safely in the fall. This kit can give your bike an outstanding look with the help of 20 colors with 20 effects. These LEDs can be set up easily because the strips are sticky and flexible.


  • Exceptionally long wires
  • Practical and stylish
  • Waterproof and bright
  • Colorful lighting effect
  • Easy installation

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8. 6Pcs Led Light Kits by NBWDY

6Pcs Led Light Kits by NBWDY

The strips of multi-color flashing and bright LED lights are very flexible, waterproof, and durable so that you can install them on your motorcycle wherever you want. These lights can be used in different patterns and controlled remotely by using a remote control device. You can use these strips individually as well as collectively to decorate your motorcycle as you want. Along with motorcycles, these kits of LED lights can also illuminate trucks, cars, Lorries, bikes, and boats, etc.


  • Flexible lighting strip
  • Bright and durable
  • Easy to install and use
  • Versatile usage
  • Universal light kit

7. 12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit by DITRIO

12Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit by DITRIO

This kit of LED lights for motorcycles includes 12 strips of LED lights along with waterproof switches, wires of 3 sizes, and a 12 volt DC power system to decorate your entire motorcycle. It also includes 2 remote control systems to control the light with your voice. It will make it easy to control the system while enjoying the outdoors with friends. It includes LED light in 15 different colors, which can be installed easily on your bike. This kit’s LED lights can be used universally on motorcycles of various brands, including Kawasaki, Harley Davidson, and Suzuki, etc.


  • Extra-long waterproof wiring
  • Dual remote control
  • Combination of 7 colors
  • Easy to install and modify
  • Universal usage

6. 12pcs Upgraded Motorcycle LED Lights Kits by TACHICO

12pcs Upgraded Motorcycle LED Lights Kits by TACHICO

This kit of LED lights includes three methods of controlling them to avoid any problem in their connectivity. They can be controlled by remote control, Bluetooth, and an app. Their brake function has been upgraded as all the LED lights on your motorcycle will turn red as you will use brakes. It includes lights in 20 different colors with 20 different effects to give an outstanding look to your motorcycle on the road. These lights are extremely waterproof and can be installed easily.


  • Multiple controls
  • Smart brake light
  • 20 colors for 20 lighting effects
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely waterproof

5. 2″ Bullet 1157 LED Turn Signal Light by NTHREEAUTO


This package includes 48 pieces of high quality LED chips to illuminate your bike while running as well as while turning with equal intensity. The running cum turning lights can be used on the motorcycles of most of the popular brands. They can be installed easily within a few minutes by using the integrated handle provided with them. The lifespan of these LED lights is nearly 50,000 hours, and they are made durable with the help of their metal case and aluminum base.


  • Bright running and turn signal light
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and lasting
  • Customer support

4. Chrome 7inch LED Headlight by LX-LIGHT

Chrome 7inch LED Headlight by LX-LIGHT

The DOT has approved this 7″ headlight of the US to use on the road legally. This headlight needs 2400 lumens for low beam and 3600 lumens for high beam as well as 1440lumens for passing light of 4.5″ to allow you to drive your motorcycle safely. The vibration of this headlight has been reduced by using an adapter ring. Thus, this headlight is made waterproof, dustproof, and shake-proof. This LED headlight can be used on all models of Harley Davidson motorcycles.


  • DOT approved
  • Double brightness
  • Water, shake, and dustproof
  • Suitable for all Harley bikes
  • Complete package

3. Pair of 2” Bullet Style LED Light Kit by LX-LIGHT

Pair of 2'' Bullet Style LED Light Kit by LX-LIGHT

This kit includes a pair of 2″ bullet style LED lights that can be installed easily on your motorcycle just by removing the old lens and inserting the new lights. The running light’s outer ring illuminates dim red, whereas all LEDs of brake and turn signal lights illuminate bright red. It can be used on all the models of motorcycles that use 2″ turn signals. You will have to install load resistors to correct its flashlight.


  • Easy to install
  • Turn signal and rear light
  • Universal usage
  • Super brightness
  • Bullet style lights

2. LED Headlight by Wisamic

LED Headlight by Wisamic

This LED headlight can be installed on your motorcycle with the help of a 3-pronged plug. The Osram LED lamps used in this headlight ensure its durability and high performance. This headlight has been made shockproof, waterproof, and long-lasting with the help of its aluminum housing. Its light can be adjusted easily as and when required by adjusting the flow of current.


  • Easy installation
  • Excellent specifications
  • Super bright light
  • Versatile compatibility

1. 7″ LED Headlight by SUNPIE


DOT has approved this LED headlight to use legally on the road. It can be installed easily in an H4 or H13 adapter. A warranty backs its quality for one year. It provides LED light of adequate lumens at the low beam and high beam. Its housing is made of aluminum to make it more durable and long-lasting. It can be installed easily by replacing the old halogen with an LED headlight.


  • Universal usage
  • DOT approved legal light
  • Excellent quality LED
  • Low work temperature
  • Latest design


The information provided in this write-up about the reason for using LED lights for motorcycles and things to consider while buying the best-LED lights for your bike can help you buy the most suitable LED light for your bike. Some of the best-LED lights are also reviewed in this article to help you know how to select the best one.