Top 8 Best Motorcycle Brake Lights 2022 Reviews

Riding motorcycles is fun and energetic; doing so in the dark can be even more enjoyable. But it would help if you also kept yourself safe at all times, so a brake light is a must-have tool for your motorcycle to let those behind you know that you are slowing down or stopping. Coupled with a good motorcycle led brake light and turn signal, your two-wheel journey should only be full of enjoyment. As there are so many motorcycle brake lights in the market right now, we understand your struggle to pick the right one. So this article reviews the 8 best ones for you to pick up the necessary information and make the right purchasing decision. But before that, let us go through the TWO essentials to consider when getting yourself a good motorcycle brake light.

Buying Guides of Motorcycle Brake Light

Light Mode: check the brake lights’ brightness level and any lighting modes for braking, running, and for your license plate.

Compatibility and Installation: it is essential to read the compatibility list before you buy a brake light. Make sure it works with your motorbike, and installation is not a difficult task.

Now that you know the main features to consider when getting the perfect brake light for your motorbike let us review the reviews of the 8 best ones available for you right now.

8. COWONE 2020 Newest 3 1/4 Inch Rear LED

COWONE 2020 Newest 3 1/4 Inch Rear LED

Starting our list at number 8 is COWONE’s newest rear light model with its 3 1/4 Inch Rear LED. This rear brake light is an upgraded version with new safety features with bright red turn signals and running light. This newer version rear light uses a lens style to disperse perfect light patterns, making you more visible. You can easily install this to your bike with a 2 Minutes Installation. It works well with most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is durable with long-duration brightness. This is an affordable product for your restoration needs.


  • Upgraded safety version
  • Brightest red light
  • 2-minute installation with Harley-Davidson models.

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7. KiWAV Round LED Tail Light

KiWAV Round LED Tail Light

Next on our list is a Round LED Tail Light from KiWAV. This model of rear light is ideal for motorcycle cafe racer bobber scooter UTV ATV custom projects. This good quality tail light is brighter and looks much cooler than your typical stock tail light. This round LED rear light is a standardized product with EMI class 3 and IP66 dust & waterproof ability. It comes with an indicator function. With a round design and bright light, it would work well with your motorcycle but check for a compatible list before purchasing this.


  • Ideal for motorcycle cafe racer bobber scooter
  • Brighter and cooler looking round tail light
  • Standardized product

6. Chrome Cat Eye Motorcycle Tail Brake Stop Light

 Chrome Cat Eye Motorcycle Tail Brake Stop Light

At 6th place in the Chrome Cat Eye Motorcycle Tail Brake Stop Light from Billet Proof Designs. This fancy and chic looking cat-eye tail brake light is the perfect fit for your vintage Harley Bobber Sportster Chopper Cafe Racer. Not only is the design captivating, but it is also powerful and durable for your long term use. It has the classic “Cat Eye” styling, Chrome Plated housing with a durable red plastic lens. The 2-wire incandescent 1157 bulb serves dual functions as a running tail light and a brake light. The bottom portion features a clear lens to illuminate your license plate. Make sure to use this with 12 Volt systems ONLY.


  • Fancy and chic looking cat-eye design
  • Dual function running and brake light, with license plate lighting
  • The bright incandescent bulb, durable

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5. Atubeix Bullet Style 2” LED Signals

Atubeix Bullet Style 2” LED Signals

Coming 5th on our list is Atubeix Bullet style 2” Multifunction Rear LED Signal. This LED signal has a 2” Bullet Style Rear Red turn signal with 3 main functions: Running Light (Outer ring dim red), Brake lights (All LED’s Bright red), and Turn Signal (All LED’s flashing bright Red). The lights can be used for a long duration without breaking. For your convenience, it is easy to install with most Harley-Davidson models. Please check if your motorcycle has a center rear tail light when you order this turn signals kit. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • 2” Bullet Style Rear Red turn signals
  • 3 multipurpose LED lights
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty

4. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Tail Light

 INNOGLOW Motorcycle Tail Light

Moving on to our 4th place is a new brand on the list with INNOGLOW Motorcycle Tail Light. This is a high performing tail light with running, brake, and license plate light integrated into one tail light for your convenience. It features an innovative modular design with pre-drilled holes for easy installation to your motorbike. This tail light comes with a universal fit for Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Harley, Bobber, and Chopper. It has multiple color modes with red-brake light, black-negative, brown-running light. Please check the size of this light and your motorbike carefully before your purchasing


  • Integrated running, brake, and license plate light
  • Innovative modular design with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Universal Fit for the most model, please check the size
  • Multi colors for different signals

3. Audexen Tail Light for Harley

Audexen Tail Light for Harley

Making it into our Top 3 is Audexen Tail Light for Harley. This fancy-looking tail light is made exclusively for Harley Davidson motorcycles with a new Eagle Claw design. This cool Harley led tail light comes with a black and red lens with a clear protective cover. It has three color modes with Red(running), Bright red(brake), White(license plate). The Harley tail light comes with Osram led chips with over 50,000 hours lifespan. The back shell of motorcycle led tail light comes with a rubber ring for easy installation via a simple three-wire connection. There is a full refund if it is not compatible with your motorcycle.


  • Exclusively for Harley Davidson motorcycles
  • New Eagle Claw design, three color modes
  • Black and red lens, with clear protective cover
  • Long-lasting, 50000-hour lifespan

2. KATUR Motorcycle Light Stop Tail Light

KATUR Motorcycle Light Stop Tail Light

Ranking 2nd on our top list is KATUR Motorcycle Tail Light. This tail light is made for most Harley models, and Chopper, Bobber, Softail Custom, and Motocicleta Silver. It is around Light Stop Tail Light with a Super Bright high power bulb providing maximum visibility & safety. This is compatible with ¾ axles Harley and 20mm axles Metric bike. The tail light is made from quality deep drawn iron with Silver and highly polished to a mirror finish. It integrated running light, brake stop light, rear tail light, and license plate light into one convenient tail light, making it more than traditional lights. The light comes with an easy installation bracket for a direct fit.


  • Super Bright high power bulb
  • Quality Iron with Silver and mirror finish
  • Integrated light, energy saving
  • Easy installation bracket for direct fit

1. NTHREEAUTO Smoked LED Rear Tail Light

NTHREEAUTO Smoked LED Rear Tail Light

Finally, the top product on our list is NTHREEAUTO Smoked LED Rear Tail Light. This special smoked tail light is compatible with most Harley models. This upgraded motorcycle helmet brake light system and tail light are made of classic black color, which has a red LED that makes your motorcycle tail lamp more dazzling and adds new features to the motorcycle appearance. It has a smooth and double-coated rear lamp surface, with hard and durable ABS plastic to protect the blinker lights, running lights from minor impact. The super bright light increases rear visibility, easy for you to be noticed by other vehicles on the road for your safety. It is easy to install. Just remove the stock tail light before replacing the new black tail lamp, then insert the adapter and screw it up. It comes with a six-month warranty.


  • Super bright red LED in the classic black color tail light.
  • Smooth and double-coated rear lamp surface
  • Durable ABS plastic for protection
  • Easy to install
  • Six Month warranty.


So now that you have gone through the basic features and all the reviews of the 8 best motorcycle brake lights, we hope you are well equipped to go and explore your favorite option that fits well with your motorcycle. Remember to consider the brightness and mode of the rear light, the compatibility, and the easy installation for your convenient and safe two-wheel journey. Happy shopping!