Top 10 Best Off-Road Light Bars 2020 Reviews

There is no denying that lightning is significant when travelers drive a jeep during night time. At the same time, an adequate lighting system is also vital when you are going off-road. There are many instances where off-road driving is needed. It could happen during camping and even driving through rugged terrain and moving across muddy and uneven trails. Traditionally, HID (High-Intensity Discharge & Halogen Lamps) has been used. However, LED technology has resulted in the emergence of off-road light bar types of products. These also include an off-road LED light bar.

There are obviously several benefits as far as these LED light bars are concerned. They are long-lasting and durable and therefore offer much better value for money. Typically any quality LED off-road light bar should last for around 30,000 hours. This compares extremely well with halogen lamps, whose lifespan is only approximately 1,000 hours. They also tend to stop working all of a sudden. This could have dangerous consequences, especially when driving through treacherous and dark places during the night.

Points to Keep in Mind When Buying Off-Road Light Bars

With many options available, you must be sure that you have the right knowledge and information to buy off-road light bars. There are different types of off-road light bars, and each one has something unique about it. You must obtain the one that can meet your specific requirements and the surface and places you drive through it. We are listing down some of the most critical points to bear in mind when buying the right off-road light bars.

A Spot Beam Light Bar Could Be A Good Choice

When you use off light bars in an off-road situation, you need reflectors and sensors with the same spot beam pattern. This makes it possible to illuminate the road ahead of you more when compared to the sides. Further, oncoming traffic signals could be so bright that they could blind the driver. When you have a focused beam, you will be able to see animals like deer and even leopards crossing the path as you drive along.

Look For Reputation & Durability

It would always be better to look for reputation and durability because of obvious reasons. You spend big money on any off-road light LED light bar. Therefore make sure that they offer at least 30,000 hours of uninterrupted lighting and that they don’t let you down in situations and conditions where spotlighting is extremely important. Always go for reputed brands though they may cost a bit more. Look for those brands that pass stringent critical visual inspection.

Importance of Reading Reviews

With so many brands and models of such products available in the market, you must understand the importance of thorough research. You must go through the most crucial due diligence processes and give customers reviews on the importance that it deserves. Look for as many genuine reviews as possible for a particular brand of the off-road LED light bar.

Two Lights Make it More Efficient.

When you are confronted with the choice of buying one big LED light bar or two small lights, always go for the second option. It will help you to angle the lights better, and the beam focus will be much better. Further, if one LED light fails to perform, at least you have something to move along the roads to daylights come.

We are sure that the above would have given our readers a reasonably good and useful introduction about off-road light bars and the main things that should be kept in mind when buying them. We will now get into the task of reviewing ten different off-road light models so that the readers have a better perspective before deciding to buy one.

10. Nilight Off Road Lights – 18204C-A 420 W

Nilight Off Road Lights - 18204C-A 420 W

To begin with, it comes from the house of Nilight. This firm has had a reasonably good record of offering some of the best quality off-road lights. This particular product is packed with some interesting features and functions.


  • Super Bright: To begin with, it is super bright. This is because it comes with a combo beam and additional. It also has triple rows coupled with a nest reflector. The reflector cup has been upgraded, and this helps in multi-angle refraction. This is perfectly suited for ambient illumination.
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket: You also have an adjustable mounting bracket. This provides quite a bit of flexibility, and it also can be slid and adjusted depending on specific needs and requirements. It has a high-performance rate.
  • Waterproof: It comes with the much-respected IP67 waterproof rate. This helps inefficient cooling and, of course, 30,000 hours of quality lighting. It is also housed in a high-quality die-cast aluminum enclosure, which protects it from nature’s elements.

9. Nilight 20 Inch, Combo LED Light for Off-Road Use

Nilight 20 Inch, Combo LED Light for Off Road Use

This is another quality product from the house of Nilight, and it has some impressive and worth-mentioning features. It could be one of the better choices if you are looking for a super-bright beam. Further, you also can expect the best value for money with 30000 hours of lighting guaranteed under normal conditions.


  • Combo Beam facility: It comes with a combo beam facility, ensuring a clear view for a long distance. The 126 w spot beam, along with the flood beam, illuminates the road ahead.
  • Heat Dissipation: Other facilities include high-quality heat dissipation.
  • Many Accessories: The package comes with a light bar of 126 W, 18 W spot LED light bars, and mounting brackets.

8. 22 Inch Nilight Offroad Lighting System

22 Inch Nilight Offroad Lighting System

If you are looking for clear visibility with other such impressive features and functions, then you have many reasons to have a closer look at this off-road light bar.


  • Flood Beam & Spot Beam: The visibility gets enhanced because of the spot beam and the flood beam. This helps in offering long irradiation distance, and the broad view area also gets improved quite significantly.
  • Reliable Waterproof Facilities: It has undergone a rigid IP67 waterproof test. It works very well in 3.3 feet of water for around 30 minutes. It prevents dust and water from entering the lighting system. It is durable and sturdy and comes with an advanced PC lens.
  • Unique Side Mounting Bracket: The side mounting bracket is capable of fixing the light bar quite well. It also is quakeproof when you are driving through rough terrain.

7. Nilight 126W Flood Combo Light

Nilight 126W Flood Combo Light

This is in line with other makes and models of Nilight. True to their tradition, this particular model also offers some interesting and worth-mentioning features.


  • Bright Beaming & Lighting: To begin with, you can expect the brightest lighting and beam. This is possible because of the high-intensity 3W LED chips coupled with a clear PC lens. Further, the milky white light that it generates will be able to dispel darkness completely, enhancing the safety of the driver and others who are part of it.
  • Offers Clear View: It provides a clear view because of the combo beam feature. This will ensure a combination of 126 w spot beat and flood beam. This will make it possible to have widespread and long-distance illumination.

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6. Autosaver88 Store Marine Boating Lights

Autosaver88 Store Marine Boating Lights

This is a high quality LED off-road lighting system because of some unique features. It comes with a 4D tempered Eye Lens (GlassFish Eye).


  • Soft Lighting & Improved Irradiation Distance: The light, while being softer, is bright enough to illuminate the road ahead. It offers irradiation distance in, nonblind area for 180 degrees. Further, the thick tempered glass is extremely durable.
  • Consumes Lesser Power: It consumes much lesser power and offers high brightness LED illumination. It is suitable for a wide range of applications. It helps to keep your vehicle remain cool in a downtown atmosphere. You also can be sure of getting 30000 LM off-road driving.

5. Nilight 25 inch Led Light Bar (162 W)

Nilight 25 inch Led Light Bar (162 W)

The 25 inches LED Light Bar is much more than a powerful lighting system. It has many worth mentioning features, and a few are mentioned below:


  • Best Suited For Trucks: This is suited best for Trucks, ATVs, and UTV. It also comes with a two-year warranty. It also offers waterproof lighting arrangements. Apart from the above, there are a few more reasons to make it quite different from others.
  • Combination of Efficient Cooling & Lighting System: For example, it offers a combination of high-quality lighting with an efficient cooling system. It also is angle adjustable for around 45 degrees. It all offers reliable and trustworthy performance because of the quality of die-cast aluminum alloy housing.
  • Reliable Waterproofing System: It also comes with a trusted IP67 waterproof rate and other such interesting features. The package comes with a one pc 162W LED light bar and also has mounting brackets in it.

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4. OEDRO LED Light Bar (16 inches 400W 28000 LM)

OEDRO LED Light Bar (16 inches 400W 28000 LM)

Those on the lookout for the right LED Lightbar with stunning features and performance would find this a perfect buy. It is suited for jeeps and other SUVs and has all the suitable ingredients for off-road driving.


  • The Best of Lightning Systems: You can be sure about its excellent lighting effect. It comes with 16 inches LED Light Bars fully secured in a durable aluminum body. You also can be assured of better heat dissipation.
  • Cools While Brightening The Way Ahead: The lighting is more relaxed because of the more numbers of cooling fins and the PC lens that is corrosion resistant and clear. It offers a unique 28000 LM and 50000 hours lifespan. It is also waterproof and can come in handy when driving through flooded pathways and roads.

3. Rigidhorse Off Load LED Light Bar (32 inches) 30000 LM

Rigidhorse Off Load LED Light Bar (32 inches) 30000 LM

Many customers believe that this particular offload LED light bar is engineered to perform. It has a small size, and this is because of the 8D reflective cup lens. The OSRAM LED chip design is also a factor that makes it quite different from others. You can expect the best of irradiation distance.


  • High Power LED Displays: Additionally, you also can expect high power LED displays at around 6000K color temperatures. It also offers 30000 lumens. The durable aluminum alloy and optic lens are also big takeaways as far as this product is concerned.
  • Be Sure of Waterproof Facilities Under Water: It is waterproof for a depth of around 3.3 feet, and it can withstand underwater pressure for about 30 minutes. It also is shockproof, dustproof, and also has many anti-corrosion features.

2. 4WDKING LED Light Bar – 10 inches (Model # WDK-D5)

4WDKING LED Light Bar - 10 inches (Model # WDK-D5)

Those who have used 4WDKING off-road Light Bar and other such products have a few positive things to tell about them. Let us look at some of the features that set it apart from other such brands in the market.


  • Suited for Light Trucks: This product is considered one of the best for off-road work for light trucks and other such vehicles.
  • Quality waterproof LED Lighting Systems: It comes with the trusted IP69K waterproof LED lighting systems. You will love the super-bright beam that it generates, and you will have a brighter and broader, and smoother light and will be able to cover more distance. You also can expect better performance because it comes with the best of IP68 and IP69K waterproofing rates.
  • Correctly Sealed: The breathers are also of military standards, and they come correctly sealed with 316 stainless steel screws that are rust, corrosion, and dust-free.

1. Xprite 30-inch Off-Road Rear LED Off-Road Light Bar

Xprite 30-inch Off Road Rear LED Off-Road Light Bar

This is a unique and different lighting system from Xprite. It has won the trust & confidence of many customers because of a few obvious reasons.


  • Unique 5 Blocks of Lighting: It has some interesting features, including a total of 5 blocks comprising six high powered LED lighting systems per block. The specially made flood lens increases safety and visibility quite a bit.
  • Helps Drivers In Tough Weather Conditions: It helps the drivers to see the road ahead even in the thickest of fog, heavy rain, snow, and other such inclement weather conditions. It is designed, fixed, and made to take care of harsh road conditions.
  • Three Different Modes of Operations: It also has three different operation modes, making it unique and versatile. The lens is made of the best quality PC plastic materials.
  • Shatter Proof & Scratch Resistant: They are scratch-resistant and are also shatterproof. You can be sure of around 50,000 hours’ lifespan, which means you will get the best value for money.

Wrapping Up

It is evident from the above that off-road light bars are critical and indispensable when driving safely on terrains, roads, and surfaces that are uneven and hostile, to stay the least. However, with so many choices being available in the market, making an informed and considered decision is the key. We are hopeful that the information provided above would have helped our readers better understand the various things that must be kept in mind when buying the right off-road LED light bars.