Top 10 Best Power Wheels For Big Kids 2020 Reviews

Are your kids in need of speed? Well, it’s time they learn how to drive their very first set of wheels. Whether you’re looking for something they can ride around the house or outdoor treks, there’re a few things to consider. The most important factor is safety. It would help if you had a model with a remote control to help you take over whenever you want. Also, the car should not have sharp edges that can expose your kid to potential dangers. Secondly, you should consider the age of your kid. And because the little ones grow at different rates, you must select a product that suits them best. Other things to keep in mind include seating options, traction capabilities, reliability, and price. Let’s look at the best power wheel for big kids to give you the best value for your money.

10. Rollplay GMC Siera Denali

Rollplay GMC Siera Denali

Rollplay is designed to give your kid immersive adventure in your backyard, sidewalk, or driveway.


  • Design: The body is made of heavy-duty plastic, while the frame is designed to stay away from rust. Besides that, there’s a lot of seating space for two, and the steering wheel is easy for those little hands. This machine is specifically built for kids above 3 years and allows for a maximum weight capacity of 130lbs.
  • Speed: Rollplay can attain a forward speed of 5mph and a reverse speed of 2.5mph. Be sure to engage the speed-lock to control the maximum speed.
  • Functional Features: Your little one will be more interested in the amplifying speaker and microphone. And because the radio is preloaded with songs, the child can listen to jams while riding. The working headlights and engine sound will ensure the kid enjoys the ride. Other exciting features include a cup holder, rear mirrors, and a detailed dashboard.
  • Battery: This power wheel is equipped with a 12-volt battery that takes 8-12 hours to charge fully. An external charging port is included. When the battery is running out of juice, you’ll see a red indicator.
  • Rubber traction: The rubber traction strips allow the rider to enjoy different terrains, including pavement and grass. This is what your kid needs during an offroad adventure.

9. Uenjoy electric kid ride

Uenjoy electric kid ride

This is perhaps the best toddler big wheel you can find in the market. Because it’s equipped with high-end features, your kid will love it. Enjoy conforms to the American Society for Testing.


  • Age: This machine is specifically designed for kids between 3-6 years and allows for a maximum weight capacity of 66lbs.
  • Remote control: While the power wheel offers a maximum speed of 2.5mph, parents can use the remote control to control the speed when riding. The 2.4 GHz wireless remote control features three speeds: low, medium, and high. You can as well use it for back and forward motion.
  • Battery: This model comes with two electric motors (12V each) that work together with a powerful battery. The runtime for the battery is around one hour and can be recharged within 8-10 hours.
  • Additional Features: To ensure your kid gets a sense of independence, he or she can use the Bluetooth speaker, adjustable seat belt, and the suspension system. There’s a music button on the steering wheel that allows the kid to take control of the next song. The built-in music is beneficial to their growth.

8. Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric Ride

Uenjoy 12V Kids Electric Ride

This LAMBORGHINI is not only cool and stunning, but the great features will brighten your kid’s face.


  • Design: This car features lockable scissor doors open up like a butterfly when you slide the latch.
  • Suspension system: All wheels are fitted with a suspension system for a safe and comfortable ride. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The suspensions also come in handy when maneuvering a bump at high speed.
  • Safety and convenience: One remarkable feature is the slow start. It ensures the kids don’t get shocked by the sudden acceleration and deceleration. When the battery runs out, the rolling wheels will allow easy movement.
  • Parental remote control: While this car is specifically designed for kids between 3-6 years, it can be challenging for some to control the speed. If the kid can’t control the car by himself, the parent can use three-speed modes.

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7. Rollplay 12V Powers port ATV

Rollplay 12V Powers port ATV

The Rollplay offers an exciting ride for kids above 3 years. Because it’s built for fun, it allows the kids to reach maximum speed thanks to the safety features.


  • Design: At first glance, the cool design with yellow assents will catch the attention of your kid.
  • Speed: The ATV allows for a forward speed of 3mph and a reverse speed of 2.5mph. This is what your kids need to crank it up a notch.
  • Traction: Roleplay comes with big wheels that are specifically designed for off-road. In addition to that, they have rubber strips that give better traction.
  • Battery: The ATV is powered by a twelve-volt battery that guarantees many hours of entertainment.

6. Best Choice 12V Kids Truck

Best Choice 12V Kids Truck

This delightful pink truck will catch every little girl’s attention- it can be fun for boys too. It’s arguably one of the best power wheels for an 8-year-old.

  • Stylish and durable: This model is crafted with non-toxic plastic and comes with a 14-inch suspension system for a comfortable ride.
  • Manual and remote control: While your kid can manually drive the power wheel, the parent can also control younger riders. The remote control allows for a forward and reverse-speed selection. There’re three different modes for a customized experience.
  • Battery: The car comes with a 12 V rechargeable battery, and that gives your kid a chance to rev up the fun. On a full charge, the car can reach a maximum speed of 3.75mph. The battery will also help to power the radio and the headlights.
  • Entertainment Features: The ATV will allow the kid to drive while enjoying their favorite jam. It comes with a built-in auxiliary jack for plugging in media devices.

5. Best Choice 12V Electric Car

Best Choice 12V Electric Car

At age 3, this car will give your kid the thrill to ride his or her electric car. The kid can stop the car by getting the foot off the pedal because it comes with automatic braking. This is the best car if you want to boost coordination, body balance, and awareness for your kid.


  • Design: This car is loaded with everything the kid needs for a fun and safe ride. There’re two varying speeds (low and high), seat belt, engine speed, and real horn. The integrated LED lights and gear switch will give endless luxury in this mini cruiser. To rev the engine, all the kid has to do is push the foot pedal.
  • Remote control: When the kid can’t control the car manually, the remote control can help the parent take over. You can increase the maximum speed or remove the high-speed lockout.
  • Battery: This mini-cruiser is loaded with a 12V 7Ah battery that gives a running time of up to 2 hours. It will take 8-10 hours to recharge fully.
  • Entertainment: This power wheel comes with preset music and an auxiliary cord that allow you to attach other devices. This means that your kid can enjoy endless jams throughout the ride.

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4. Carbon Black SLS AMG Mercedes

Carbon Black SLS AMG Mercedes

This luxury model comes with unique headlights, fog lights, and tail lights that give a realistic driving experience. The electric bake system, rubber traction, and gradual acceleration add to the smooth riding experience.


  • Comfort and luxury: Just like other high-end power wheels, AMG Mercedes, comes with unmatched comfort features. Your kid will enjoy a soft harness seat belt, PU leather seat, and leather soft steering wheel. On the dashboard, there’s a push to start button and light switch. The trunk is also spacious, so it allows the kids to carry their favorite toys.
  • Nighttime drive: The smart battery charging system allows the kid to enjoy a night drive. With a button press, he can activate the front lights, backlights, dashboard lights, and tire lights. And to make the riding more fun, the dashboard is fitted with many LED lights.
  • Interior and exterior: Once you open the doors, you’ll find realistic mirrors and a floor mat. While this machine is designed to be used on a smooth surface, the smooth rubber tires make it great on the pavement.

3. Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler

If your kids can’t get enough of offroad driving, this is the machine to buy. When you disengage the parental lockout, it can reach up to 5mph. And because it comes with big tires, the little ones will enjoy riding on grass and smooth surfaces.


  • Design: The Wrangler combines style and power. Apart from the chrome wheel ascents, the cockpit area is breathtaking. It offers more legroom so that the kid can bring a friend. The frame, roll bars, and grille give an authentic look. The outside edges are rounded to protect the kid. Even better, the sturdy steel frame can accommodate riders of up to 130 pounds.
  • Roleplay: How about giving your kid a real-life situation when on a real jeep? The power wheel will ensure your kid develops gross motor skills and balance. Apart from learning how to maneuver the vehicle, this can be a great opportunity for a role play – driving across muddy trails, mountains, or wherever the imagination takes them. The roomy storage area allows the driver to carry their favorite snacks.
  • Battery: The rechargeable battery allows for a reverse speed of 2.5mph and a forward speed of 5mph. You can use the safety speed lock for novice drivers. Of course, this is one of the best 24-volt power wheels that give realistic engine noises.

2. Uenjoy Maserati 12V Electric Kid’s Car

Uenjoy Maserati 12V Electric Kid's Car

The sporty Maserati is capable of driving on all surfaces, including rough terrain. It comes with a high-speed lockout, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kid. Just like the real car, the power wheel is operated by a steering wheel and gas pedal. It’s the perfect gift for 1 to 5-year-olds.


  • Music function: Your kid will enjoy the ride with built-in music. Most of the stories are beneficial to your kids’ growth. And because the control buttons are located on the steering wheel, the little ones can control the next or last song. The car comes with a USB that connects to a phone just if your kids want to play their favorite tunes. There’s even an FM radio that guarantees hours of entertainment.
  • Interior and exterior: The dashboard has shift lever controls that allow you to move the car forward and backward. Other than that, the lockable doors guarantee your kid’s safety. And with the two headlights and taillights, the ride can only get better. This car will not only appeal to the young, but it is also great for growing children.
  • Suspension system: This feature comes in handy when riding off-road. It will give a comfortable ride on rough surfaces.

1. Power Wheels Jurassic World Diner Racer

Power Wheels Jurassic World Diner Racer

If your kid wants a ride with more than regular capability, you should invest in a Jurassic world diner racer. It will allow kids to try exciting off-road expeditions with the favorite dinosaur.


  • Design: This model comes with a sturdy steel frame that can support a maximum weight of 29.5kg. The first thing that will capture the attention of your kid is the big tires. They give an awesome grip on wet grass and hard surfaces. But what is even more interesting is the power-block system. When the child’s foot is off the pedal, it will stop automatically.
  • Parent control: The Jurassic world diner racer comes with a remote that allows for high-speed lockout. You can increase the speed once your kid is ready.
  • Power: This car is equipped with a 12-volt battery that allows for a maximum forward speed of 6mph and reverse speed of 3mph. Your kid will enjoy hours of endless backyard adventures.
  • Open and close the blue’s mouth: Apart from giving the child the feeling that they are driving their car, this machine will make the young racer create an off-road action of the Jurassic film.

Final thoughts

The above power wheels will introduce your little ones to the thrills of driving their car. They are designed for kids of different ages and can be driven in different terrains, including grass, hills, off-road, or even your backyard. When choosing the best ride for your kid, you should pay attention to the fun features, comfort, and weight limit. It’s time you give your little ones immerse adventure when they need more than just a toy.