Top 8 Best RC Submarines With Camera 2020 Reviews

Although one may think that remote-controlled gadgets are just a toy for a child to play with, technology has evolved to such a point that objects like RC submarines with cameras exist and can be confidently used by people of all ages. While it is indeed enjoyable to see an RC submarine zoom underwater, they actually have quite a lot of practical use as well. With a good quality camera, the submarine can take amazing underwater pictures of the area that it’s been put in, whether it be a pool, a fish tank, or a natural water source. They can also be used to find and identify fish species and inspections water towers and hulls of ships. RC submarines with cameras make great gifts for friends, family members, and co-workers of any age, so here is a list of the best ones.

8. My Toots Silverlit Remote Control Infrared RC Submarine

My Toots Silverlit Remote Control Infrared RC Submarine

This bright yellow remote-controlled submarine comes with an inside camera that allows you to take photos and videos with a pixelation of 640×480, which can then be downloaded to a computer with a USB cord. This submarine also comes with fish feeding equipment, which can make for some extra fun. The LED light attached to the top provides good lighting, and a radio transmitter allows you to control the functions. All it needs to work are AA batteries (not included), and with a charge time of 60 minutes, it can be submerged up to 1.5 meters underwater.

7. Underwater Detachable AQUAROBOTMAN Photography Exploringa

Bestwill 600 Fish Detector CCD Underwater Camera

This underwater submarine is primarily built for the use of its underwater camera, which can be used to monitor and take pictures of in-home tank aquariums, see what fish are underwater before casting a fishing line, or just for some exploration of a natural water source like a pond or a creek. It connects to many screens, including standard A/V ports in camcorders, TVs, VCR players, and LCD monitors with AV inputs. The camera itself is sturdy and stable and can be submerged up to 50 meters underwater. It also has 3.6mm wide LED lights for a premium source of lighting.

6. Thor Robotics Underwater Drone Mini Mariana RC Submarine

Thor Robotics Underwater Drone Mini Mariana RC Submarine

This underwater drone camera comes with a 5.8G HD transmission camera that captures quality images of whatever underwater scene you submerge it into and can even be WiFi controlled straight from your cell phone. The vector propellers on this device make for a smooth and incident-free submersion to up to 3 meters underwater, and it can reach a speed of 2.8km/h. This submarine is powered by a Ni-mesh safety battery, easy to remove and replace in and out of the waterproof containment.

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5. Kids Mini RC Toy Remote Control Boat Submarine

Kids Mini RC Toy Remote Control Boat Submarine

Geared towards children, this blue remote control submarine is perfect for bathtime or the pool. It comes with a built-in battery and USB cable and is easy to charge quickly. Even though it is a toy, there are six channels, making for an impressive control range. The small device will work for up to 20 minutes at a time and would be a great gift for any kid in your life.

4. Fathom One Underwater Drone

Fathom One Underwater Drone

This modernly designed white and blue underwater drone boasts a three-hour battery life and 150-foot depth stamina. There is a 1080p camera built right in, which internally saves any images you take to the Fathom One. It also has the unique feature of an adjustable rail that you can attach to any surface, such as an underwater railing in a pool, for added stability while using the camera. You can also attach any extra lights or additional cameras for any added effects you might desire.

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3. Hasewaga 1/72 Manned Research Submersible

Hasewaga 1/72 Manned Research Submersible

This underwater submarine is also a hands-on project: it comes as a plastic model kit with parts mounted on sprues that will be fun to assemble and paint before usage. After it is assembled, this submarine is not meant for underwater exploration but rather for proud display on a bookshelf or anywhere else you’d like.

2. Sub-Mariner Camera by Sea Peep

Sub-Mariner Camera by Sea Peep

This underwater submarine camera by Sea Peep has a 30 mp camera that’s perfect for taking creative pictures and videos of any underwater activity that you choose, lighted by the attached headlamp. The controls let you go smoothly in any direction and can be operated within a 2-meter distance. A unique feature this submarine has is a claw that can hold bait – this enables the user to observe and record a fish that is feeding in its natural habitat, something that one does not often see.

1. Jujuism Mini Remote Control Nuclear Submarine

Jujuism Mini Remote Control Nuclear Submarine

The top remote control submarine on this list is the Jujuism RC Submarine. Coming in either a sleek black or matte blue color, this device is made with a design that’s optimal for light, smooth operation underwater. The submarine body is well protected with two metal joints on its head, and two rubber drain plugs in case any water gets in. There are also two LED lights to provide a well-lit area for the submarine to go forth. It’s the perfect size for pools, ponds, lakes, and various other underwater locations and can bring joy to a person of any age.