Top 8 Best Tom Brown Tracker Knife 2020 Reviews

Whether it is outdoor camping, hunting expeditions, or even simple outdoor activities, a quality tracker knife can help accomplish multiple and diverse tasks. The fact that they fit in a pocket makes it even better for whatever the location.

Tom Brown Tracker type of knife is a multipurpose tool that performs numerous and diverse survival tasks. Its underlying design is made to allow its effective performance of activities such as splitting, chopping, scraping, hammering, engraving, and carving and astonishingly, even metal wire breakage. Made by TOP Knives and accompanied by a typical Kydex sheath, this is an amazing accessory in every outdoor expedition.

8. Damascus High Carbon Blank Blade Tracker Hunting Knife

Damascus High Carbon Blank Blade Tracker Hunting Knife

Handmade off a combination of 15X20 steel and high carbon 1095-steel, this blade is well suited to work on all hunting and fishing tasks. In the context of the Rockwell C scale (HRC), this blade is hardened to approximately 57 to 60. It is easy to sharpen, whether outdoors or at home, and a wonderful grasp an edge. This 9.5 inch Damascus steel blade is harmonized by a characteristic Damascus pattern (raindrop) and comprises a leather sheath (superior quality) that perfectly complements the tool.


  • Its face has excellent hardening.
  • Attractive: it comes with a wonderful complimentary pattern

7. Tom Brown Tan Fixed Blade Tracker Knife

Tom Brown Tan Fixed Blade Tracker Knife

Wonderfully crafted with using high carbon(1095) steel blade complemented by a typical drawback, this amazing blade boasting coyote tan finishing comes with a full tang full efficiency on use. This survival tool has green-colored micarta handles and a typical Kydex sheath comprising 2 spring steel rotating clips and a characteristic green colored cord lanyard. This is to ensure its efficiency and a complimentary TOPS survival whistle.


  • Great build both for the blade and its handle
  • Reliable
  • Resilient and handy
  • Quality material composition

6. D2 Tool Moorhaus Handmade Steel Knife (Light Walnut)

D2 Tool Moorhaus Handmade Steel Knife

Moorhaus D2 steel knife is another amazing tool you need to add to your to-do list if not scribble off after purchase. It is wonderfully designed and sharp enough to suit all your cutting needs. Tempered on a C-scale to approximately 60 to 62 HRC, this knife has a repute for its rigidity, resilience, and anti-slip characteristic, making it convenient when in use. With dimensions 10” x 5”, this lightweight knife can even be perfectly strapped to a typical pole to carve out a sphere using complimentary O-Ring pins applied together with paracords for strapping.


  • Sharp enough to accomplish any indoor and outdoor tasks
  • Superbly crafted and hardy
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-purpose; Can even be used as a spear

5. Powder Carbon Coated TR-73 – Tracker Knife

Powder Carbon Coated TR 73 Tracker Knife

Hand-made tracker knife with a powder carbon coating and made out of 1095HC German Sandvik, this multipurpose knife is just what you need for all your cutting jobs. Tempered on a C-scale between 58-60 HRC, this is the perfect companion to any adventurous and illustrious individual. It is characterized by a powder coat whose purpose is to accentuate the stealth and subsequently avert corrosion. It also has Micarta handles, which are embedded with striking Brass pins.


  • Beautifully crafted
  • Great build and quality
  • Quite conveniently sharp

4. Kydex Model TBT-010Tom Brown Black Blade, Tracker

Kydex Model TBT-010Tom Brown Black Blade

The Kydex TBT-010 Tom Brown model makes its way to the list bringing in a black traction blade coat and a consequent gray-colored micarta. This knife comes with a heavy-duty sheath that works well in facilitating horizontal portability and carrying off this knife-edge down. With an overall length of 11.87 inches, it should work well to relieve you of all cutting hustles.


  • Comfortable in the hands
  • Heavy-duty sheath for protection
  • Essential for all types f field exercises

3. Tom Brown Scout Tops Knives Fixed Blade Knife

Tom Brown Scout Tops Knives Fixed Blade Knife

Carry around this fixed scout blade everywhere you will, as is allowed by its 8-ounce lightweight provision. It is made using resilient and durable high carbon 1095 steel blade and is a full tang. This Scout top brown knife is also characterized by micarta-black linen handles complimented by a standard lanyard hole. Moreover, its belt clip black sheath makes it a perfectly convenient accessory for any adventurous and outgoing individual


  • Awesome sheath
  • Wonderful for its pricing
  • Quite conveniently sharp
  • Perfectly sized handle length

2. Tom Brown Knives Top Tracker

Tom Brown Top Knives Tracker

Tom Brown TOPS tracker is a multipurpose tool that comes in handy in multiple survival jobs. Its underlying design accommodates tasks such a hammering, chopping, carving, sawing, engraving, and surprisingly breaking metal wires. With dimensions of 11 7/8″, this product is made from an alloy of high carbon. Its blade is divided into 2 exclusive parts, one assigned to chopping and the other to carving. Its main spine is characterized by prevailing saw back serrations and a characteristic jimping to boost grip. It allows you to grip and handle it with ease, as is facilitated by its Micarta linen handle material. Thus knife also incorporates a standard Kydex Sheath, which boasts a rotating steel spring clip.


  • Well-built tool
  • Fairly heavy, making it an ideal fit for chopping tasks.
  • This is a very well built tool, worth the money.

1. The T-3 Hunted Sweeper Black Hunting Bowie Tracker Knife

T-3 hunting tracker is an amazingly thick yet functional item purposely designed to suit the very intense job. It comes with a double edge blade, which is a boost to both its flexibility and reliability. It also boasts stainless steel material-a symbol of resilience and durability. Besides being full tang, its upper side is serrated on the upper spine. T-3 blade boasts black stained wooden grips (natural), inspiring a natural feeling when held. Nevertheless, this particular knife’s main attraction is the numerous functions that allow it to act as a hatchet, knife, machete, saw, striker, and wedge.


  • Durable
  • Provide a natural grip with its natural wooden grips
  • Double-edged to increase efficiency.
  • Multi-purpose uses and functions
  • Full tang


Do what exactly comprises quality and efficient Tom Tracker knife? Of course, there are the obvious characteristics such as blade sharpness; but beyond that, what do you look for when purchasing one for your use?

Versatility: You are looking for a typical survival knife, and one aspect it ought to guarantee is its adaptability to numerous uses such as sawing, skinning, and filleting, and so much more. After all, in an unfamiliar camping site or any other unfamiliar location, you never know what to expect, right?

Convenient Size: Every survival knife needs to come in a handy size that allows ease of portability and usage. In your search for a Tom Brown tool, size convenience makes all the difference since it dictates whether you take it with you or not.

Durability: Imagine buying an item that you expect to take you through a tough and rough campsite expedition or any other challenging task, and it craves in on its initial minutes of usage! Disappointing right? To avert such surprises, it is important to go for resilient and durable items that guarantee you uncompromised service wherever and whenever!

For knife aficionados, the features may go beyond just simple versatility and usability, and some of the factors that you may take into account include:

Full Tang: this refers to the blade/steel part of a knife spreading completely up to the inside of its subsequent handle. Those that stop right at the start of the handle offer less strength and easily snap off under significant strength.

Engineering Handle: A well-crafted handle is one that offers resistance t slipping, boasts a bulge right around its butt to boost grip, characterized by a finger guard in between the blade and handle, and is, of course, comfortable.

Fixed blade: There is a higher probability of moving parts and hinges to accumulate rust and subsequently rust, making the fixed blade a better option.